Introduction costs $1729.08. However, I have chosen the Acer



For this project, we have
a budget of $200,000 to ensure that there is equipment for the 20 employees to
utilize. The equipment comprises of hardware and software. I will be assuming
that iStar has an application, communication, client and database server. I
will also be assuming that the cost of the Operating system for mobile device
and Laptops are already included in the price. Since it is the company’s
requirement that we be the most cost effective as possible, therefore, I will
be proposing the use of the least amount of funds possible to purchase the
hardware and software, without compromising performance of their work. Please
refer to the appendix for each comparison between hardware. Out of the provided
budget of $200,000, my proposed solution has utilized: 

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For the laptops, I have
shortlisted two. The ASUS ZenBook
Pro UX501VW-US71 and the Acer Aspire V 17 Nitro Black Edition. The ZenBook
costs $1660.29 while the Acer Aspire costs $1729.08. However, I have chosen the
Acer Aspire even though it costs $68.79 more, as it is much more reliable than
the ZenBook. It is an overall much more robust laptop and the $68.79 is well
worth the extra benefits. Both laptops have a 16 GB RAM As the company is going
to be creating websites, my personal recommendation is to have a minimum of 8
GB of RAM as there will be programmes such as “Adobe Premier Photoshop”,
“Virtual Studio Code” and GPS. All these computer programmes recommend 16 GB of
RAM for most optimal performance; hence this both would be a good choice. The
Acer Aspire has a GeForce GTX 1060 with 6 GB of dedicated GDDR5 and the ZenBook
has an Nvidia GTX 960M 2G. The GeForce GTX 1060 with 6 GB outclasses the Nvidia
GTX 960M 2G. in almost every factor such as texture detail by 255% and overall
effective speed by 243%( Refer to appendix, figure 1.1). These factors for GPU
would be important to the applications like “Photoshop” where the higher
texture detail would be more beneficial. Lastly, the Acer Aspire has a slightly
larger screen of 17 inches compared to the ZenBook of 15 inches. This would
allow for the web developers of iStar to get a better perspective of the
website’s designs. The additional benefits the Acer Aspire provides over the
ZenBook far outweigh the $68.79 difference. Therefore, these are the reasons I
have chosen to purchase the Acer Aspire V 17 Nitro Black Edition.




Mobile Device


For the mobile devices I
have shortlisted the LG Nexus 5X and the Samsung galaxy S6. The original price
for the S6 is $650 and the 5Xis around $455.03. However, I have chosen the
Samsung galaxy S6. Firstly, the S6 holds a Exynos 7420 octa-core 2.1 processor
+ 1.5 GHz while the LG Nexus 5X holds a Hexa-core 4×1.4 GHz Cortex-A53 &
2×1.8 GHz Cortex-A57. It has been proven that having more multi-cores is much
more beneficial for speed. Additional processes can now be handled by a
different processor which is a drastic advantage over the LG Nexus 5X. This
will allow the management staff to run applications a faster speed, in turn
saving time. Other huge benefit the S6 has over the LG Nexus 5X is that it has
integrated LTE while the LG Nexus 5X does not. The Nexus 5X only has a 16 GB
storage size which would be rather insufficient of the accumulated management
files and etc. While the S6 has 64 GB of storage space. This would be a huge
benefit as the management team requires a storage space to plan the programmes
and schedules and data for the employees. Secondly, the S6 has an advantage
over the LG Nexus 5X in terms of RAM as the S6 has 3GB of RAM while the LG
Nexus 5X has 2GB of RAM. Since these mobile devices are for the management
personnel, the additional RAM allows for them to multitask without compromising
performance, as recently-active apps are stored in the phone’s RAM to allow the
convenience to switch back. Furthermore, another benefit that the S6 has over
the LG Nexus 5X, is the screen resolution. The S6 has a screen resolution of
2,560 x 1,440 pixels while the LG Nexus 5X has 1080 x 1920 pixels. When
comparing pixels per inch (ppi), the S6 comes in at 577 ppi, while the LG Nexus
5X has 423 ppi, this would be useful as the management now can see pictures in
a sharper and clearer form and make decisions accordingly. With these
specifications, it is proven that the S6 has the clear advantage over the LG
Nexus 5X. Even though the S6 costs more the benefits outweigh that cost. Hence,
I have chosen the Samsung galaxy S6.


Enterprise servers


For the enterprise
servers, I have modified the v to fit the specifications of this company and
will be using it to compare to its original model. Assuming the cost of
configuration of the servers are the same, the customized T330 server costs
$3,423.11 while the original costs $2181. There are a few hardware components I
have chosen to improve. For example, I have chosen to upgrade the RAM from 16GB
to 32GB. One of the reasons I have done so is to compensate and scale for
future expansions of the company. Furthermore, the original 16GB of RAM may not
be sufficient to sustain the company’s email, firewall, spam protection and
antivirus applications and even the clients, there is just not enough RAM space
to handle it, this would mean a higher RAM would be required. I have also
decided to upgrade the storage space from the default 2TB to 6TB. The reasons
for doing so are to ensure that there is enough storage to support an
application, communication, client, database server, and since it is a web
developing company, hence would require a higher storage space. For example, as
many as 500,000 client files might be backed up at a time. In this example,
storage policies are set to keep up to three copies of backed up files:
(500,000 files * 3 copies = 1,500,000 files). As many as 100,000 client files
might be archived copies and as many as 200,000 client files might be migrated
from client workstations: ((1,500,000 + 100,000 + 200,000) * 1000 = 1.8 GB).
About 0.5 GB of extra database space is required for the client’s cached files,
copy storage-pool files, active-data pool files, and deduplicated files. To
provide optimal data access and management by the server, extra database space
is required. The amount of extra database space is equal to 50% of the total
space requirements for file objects: ((1.8 + 0.5) * 50% = 1.2 GB). Total amount
of database space that is required for the client: (1.8 + 0.5 + 1.2 = 3.5 GB).
If there are 500 clients, 500 x 3.5GB= 1.7TB.
Even if they do not have as many clients as 500, 2TB is barely enough for
future expansions. Furthermore, there are also other server types to account
for such as email server etc, hence 6TB is proposed. Another component of the
hardware I have upgraded was the processor. From the original Intel® Xeon®
E3-1230 v5 3.4GHz, 8M cache, 4C/8T, turbo (80W) to the upgraded Intel Xeon
E3-1280 v6 3.9GHz, 8M cache, 4C/8T, turbo (72W). This is what would allow the
server to interpret and execute instructions, processing data and performing
tasks like serving web pages, running database queries and executing other
program and computing commands all at a quicker time. Furthermore, I have added
a RAID 5 into the customized server. RAID 5 is for protecting drives in an
event of a drive failure. It requires at least 3 drives to operate with 1 of
the drives being reserved to rebuild the data on the array if it fails. I will
also be purchasing a backup server in case of power outage or a virus where
RAID 5 is useless.




Software for Operating System (Laptops)


Regarding operating
system for laptops, I have considered Windows 10 as the operating system and
will be comparing it to its competitor the MAC OS X. Windows 10 is one of the
most reliable and versatile operating systems in the market. Windows 10
provides the ease of use for employees. For example, since employees will be
working on websites, there will be many components such as html and photoshop
and the desktop would be very cluttered. If the desktop becomes too cluttered,
employees can click the “New desktop” button on the bottom-right corner to
create a new virtual desktop and group apps by the task at hand. Firstly,
Windows 10 allows for virtual desktops to easily manage all the running apps,
although OS X also has this known as ‘mission control’, it cannot close these
virtual windows easily and wastes time. Whereas windows close it in a click,
hence it provides ease of use as well. Secondly, Apple itself has revealed Windows
10 is four times more popular than the Mac hence it shows that more people are
familiar with the Windows 10 O.S, therefore it would be less time consuming as
people need not re-learn how to use the O.S and would save time for the
company. Thirdly, Windows has much more applications than OS X. The Windows
Store already has over 50,000 apps despite its youth whereas the Mac App Store
had a little under 14,000 at the end of its second year. This would allow the
web developers of iStar to have a larger variety of software to handle their
websites and design to please the customers. With these reasons, it its further
proven that Windows 10 is a better O.S for the iStar company.



Software for Operating System (Servers)


Regarding operating system for enterprise, I have
chosen to implement the Red Hat Enterprise
Linux rather than the Microsoft Windows server. Linux systems are well
known for their ability to run for years without failure, many Linux users reported
that they have never seen a crash. That would be excellent for the employees
and the company. Especially, valuable for small and medium-sized businesses
like iStar, for which downtime can have disastrous consequences. Linux also
handles a large number of processes running at once much better than Windows
does. On a Windows server, it tends to degrade Windows’ stability quickly.
Secondly, Linux is also much more secure than Windows is, this is attributed
largely to the fact that Linux, which is based on Unix, was designed from the
start to be a multiuser operating system. Only the administrator, or root user,
has administrative privileges, and fewer users and applications have permission
to access the kernel or each other. That keeps everything modular and protected.
Users of a Windows system can sometimes hide files from the system
administrator. On Linux, however, the system administrator always has a clear
view of the file system and is always in control. Thirdly, the need for
rebooting. In a Windows configuration, changes typically require a reboot which
causes downtime. For Linux, there’s generally no need to restart it. Almost all
Linux configuration changes can be done while the system is running and without
affecting unrelated services. Lastly, Windows typically requires frequent
hardware upgrades to accommodate its increasing resource demands. Linux is
flexible and scalable, and it performs regardless of processor or machine
architecture. Linux can also be easily reconfigured to include only the
services needed for business purposes, thus further reducing memory
requirements, improving performance and keeping things even simpler.
Furthermore, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux costs $461.80 and the Microsoft
Windows server costs $662.92, hence I have chosen it over the Windows server.


Software for mobile device


For the operating system
for mobile device, I have chosen Android Oreo (O) as the operating system for
my mobile device and will be comparing it to it competitor, the IOS 11. There
are multiple reasons why Android O would be more suitable for iStar. Firstly, Android
O allows for third-party API whereas IOS 11 does not. There is a new password
autofill feature for Android O, with the new Autofill API feature, employees
now do not need to about make secure passwords and then have trouble
remembering them. With Android O, your phone will get native support for
password managers. After choosing a default password manager app, you’ll be
able to simply log into your accounts with ease. As for IOS 11, Apple does not
give permissions to third-party apps in the name of security and does not have
this convenience. This is a huge advantage Android has over IOS in general, as
Android allows for much more applications for the management staff, compared to
IOS that is very restricted and limited. Although, there are much more security
issues on Android, with the importing of third party APIs, this can be easily
managed with the plethora of anti-virus software that it provides. Hence, with
these reasons I have chosen to use Android Oreo as the operating system.


software suite


For the office software
suite, I have considered Microsoft Word and Libre Office. Firstly, I have
chosen Microsoft Word because it has a plethora of features compared to Libre
Office. Libre Office is only limited to features like text to columns, pivot
tables. Secondly, there have been many complaints by users that Libre Office
has a very slow response compared to Microsoft Word. For example, Libre Office
sometimes crashes when you paste One Lakh rows of data. The screen goes semi
grey and that’s the end of it, whereas, excel was able to process One Lakh rows
very easily with little to no delay or crashes. This would be more convenient
to the employees of iStar as they can sort any data without the restrictions of
functions and crashing. Furthermore, as you type in Microsoft word, spelling
and grammar errors will be detected automatically and underlined with either a
red, green, or blue line, depending on the type of error that was made. Bullets
and numbering are also done automatically, so you don’t have to worry about
pressing the button every time you want to create a new item in your list. You
can insert graphics, tables, and more quickly and easily while adjusting the
settings to make them fit just exactly the way you want them to on the page.
This convenience cannot be replicated and achieved on Libre Office. Hence,
although Microsoft office cost $349 and Libre Office is free, the plethora of
extra functions and extreme convenience provided far outweigh the extra cost.




In conclusion, for the O.S of laptops, Windows 10 is the best option for
this company as it is versatile, provides work tidiness and easy to use. For
the O.S of servers, Red Hat Enterprise Linux would be the best
option for this company as it provides robust security, scalability and
reliability to servers. For the O.S of mobile devices, Android Oreo would be
the best option as it allows for third party APIs and much more flexibility and
convenience in terms of software. As for the office software suite, Microsoft
word would be the best option as it provides the employees with much more
quality functions for the management to use.

For laptop hardware, Acer Aspire V 17 Nitro Black Edition
would be a good option as it exceeds the specifications for applications
related to web designing and development. For the mobile devices. For the
mobile device, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is an excellent choice as it has the
hardware capabilities and is able to function as a utility device for the management
team of iStar. For the server hardware, the customized PowerEdge T330 Tower
Server as I would recommend that a few of the hardware is upgraded to cater to
the needs of iStar, such as a server for its clients, communications,
applications and database.

With these software and
hardware in operation, it will allow iStar to function smoothly as a business
and cater to its clients professionally and making the business successful.