Internationalism harmony. One reason why we should support internationalism

Internationalism is a complex topic. While many believe that it would be the answer to all of our issues, it would definitely solve some of them. After World War 1, U.S. president Woodrow Wilson wanted to form the League of Nations. The objectives of the League of Nation were to maintain peace, improve the living and working conditions, encourage disarmament, and to encourage international cooperation. Despite all of those goals, the U.S. maintained an isolationist policy. The U.S. wanted to help Europe without involving themselves in their problems. Yet internationalism is beneficiary to all countries and all countries would accept collective responsibility. When internationalism is involved, countries tend to respond to it with the intent of gaining something out of it. Internationalism helps countries cooperate and creates peace and harmony. One reason why we should support internationalism is because of all the organizations that were formed in support of it. For example, the international monetary fund, and the World Bank. These organizations were created in the efforts of promoting internationalism and cooperation between countries. The World Bank is an international financial institution that gives loans to countries of the world. On the other hand, with all of the policies that these organizations set, nations feel like they have to give up some of their sovereignty. Despite that these organizations have done nothing but help. Another reason why we should support internationalism is to be able share resources between countries and be able to trade freely for better goods and services. For example, the World Trade Organization is dedicated to maintaining that a world trade system promotes peace, and settling disputes, and encourage economic growth. The World Trade Organization strives to make trade fair for the smaller countries and to make sure they are heard. There are disagreements that despite the fact that the World Trade Organization tries to make trading fair, it still puts developing nations at a great disadvantage. The WTO has supposedly mostly profited prosperous nations. Nonetheless, the WTO is still dedicated to eliminating poverty. Another example would be the Kyoto Protocol. Even though the Kyoto Protocol