Intelligence the ultimate goal of a child, considering that

Intelligence Vs. Ability:

is the capacity to understand what the problem is asking, think critically, and
be able to face challenges by using your resources around you. For example, intelligence
is how well you can use your abilities. Intelligence is measured by our IQ,
which is measured by a ratio between a person’s mental and chronological ages. Ability
on the other hand is possessing the skills to solve a certain problem. For
example, ability is having the specific skill needed to excel in a certain
area. Ability is acquired not given, and enables a person to do what they
desire to do. The main difference between intelligence and ability, is that
knowledge tests your ability to do certain tasks.

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of Intelligence:

think that intelligence is the ability to problem solve and think critically on
a certain topic. For example, the point of an IQ test is to test your ability to
perform a certain problem. If you score high, you have a high intelligence, and
if you don’t then you don’t have as high of an intelligence. I don’t think
intelligence strictly relates to just academics, I believe it pertains to every
aspect of life.


Praise and a
Growth Mindset


Praise and growth mindset is a process where
kids are praised for their hard work and their accomplishments, while growing
their mindset at the same time. A growth mindset is the ultimate goal of a
child, considering that a closed mindset is limiting to the child. One way to encourage
a child’s motivation and success is by praising effort and strategy rather than
just the outcomes. For example, praise your child for the idea they had whether
it works or not. This will motivate them to continue to think outside the box.
Another way to promote success is to give honest feed back to your child
instead of telling them what you they think they want to hear. Lastly, you
should look alternative ways for your child to be challenged. By praising your
child for doing something challenging and new, they