Individual doing. How did they exhibit the “Big Me”?

Individual analyzed

The Boy

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What did they do to make a
difference and why did
that resonate
with you?

The bond between the boy and the man through out the book
is similar to the bond I have between me and my mother.

Describe their “Adam I” tendencies

The boy constantly wants to improve his father as its all
he has.

Describe their “Adam II” tendencies

He shows sympathy towards the people that pass on the road.
This shows the boys morals qualities to help calm his father.

How did
they exhibit the “Little Me”?

The boy at first went along with things, he never asked
why he was doing what he was doing.

How did
they exhibit the “Big

After a while, the boy realized that the bond between him
and his father was one that kept them motivated, to protect each other meant
the world.

What sin(s) did
they wrestle with
helped them develop character?

The constant battle between the man protecting the boy and
the boy making sure people are taken care of esp his farther.

Describe their “U Curve”

The battle between the man and son created their U-curve.
This allowed them to realize each others strengths and weaknesses to build
off each other to grow.

How is that person’s “success”
inspiring to you? 
How can you
to their struggle?

Its inspiring me to get through with my classes to be successful
and to take care of myself and my family. Constantly trying to improve life
is a battle that wears you down.

Evaluate how well your character adhered
Brooks’ “Humility Code.”
What can you learn from them that
will help you
apply this lesson in your
professional life?

 He adhered to the
code averagely. I learned from this lesson that the bond between people sometimes
is the only thing keeping them going and that it my seem unhealthy but with
each other they can get back on their feet.

How can you apply what you
about this person
your career?

Make sure you are driven to constantly improve yourself
but always take the time to take care of yourself.