India it is increasing rapidly. Mobile devices & connections

India is one of the fastest growing
economies & not lagging behind in technology as well. We all know that
India is getting digital with more & more use of internet. There are around
400 million internet users in India & it is increasing rapidly. Mobile
devices & connections are getting smarter day – by – day. With all this do
you think India will stay back in Digital marketing? No.

arrival of digital marketing has provided a vast platform for doing online
business. It is growing rapidly not only in India but globally as well. Digital
marketing industry is booming high with an estimated growth of 40% & above.

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are shifting their advertising platform from traditional to digital marketing
& Ecommerce industry is also on a booming path due to increased internet

                                                                                     Image credit: Digital hat


The growth in this field is rapid
& off course the best platform to build your career. Fresher’s are looking
for this & professionals are also transforming their career to digital


Digital marketing is influencing
people to buy & sell online and Ecommerce is the industry drawing major
benefits from this. Companies are preferring to go for digital advertising due
to low investment & high returns. Each­­­­­­­ & everything you do in
digital marketing is measureable that is the expenses & returns.


Not only Ecommerce companies, service
providers are also opting for digital advertising so that people will know
their presence in the industry. Due to this rapid growth not only in India
whereas globally, we have a huge career stream in digital marketing.


in the modern day market, companies needs to adopt & yes, they are adopting
digital marketing strategies in order to be on edge in this competitive market.
This is an emerging industry & has a lot more to offer with smarter &
better ideas from the business as well as career point of view.