In we see today in America comes from white

In countries that have more than one race, there has always been some form of race warfare, and this continues today in America, as we just have not found how to truly get over racism. The idea behind America, the most popular “free” country, is that everyone is welcome, as long as you follow the rules. This is especially important to think about, because with every leader we elect, the rules keep changing. Before, immigrants were welcomed with open arms, and they would be so happy to live in the country of the free and brave. They would help fight our wars, stimulate our economy, build businesses, teach our children, keep our streets safe from bad people, but the view of any person who is not white has changed in the last few decades, and there are a number of contributing factors. What Problems Do People Face with Racism?First, it needs to be said that any person, no matter their color, can be the victim of racism. If a white manager refuses to hire a white employee is absolutely racism. Albeit, it seems very meek because white people have been horrible to every other race for a very long time, but it needs to be said. The most famous form of racism in our country is that of how black people are treated day-to-day. We all cringe when we study the slave-era of our history in school. It is almost unfathomable that just a couple hundred years ago, people owned other people, as you would own a couch, or a car. With the Civil War, slavery was abolished, but racism was never fully stamped out, and it is still growing stronger as the tension tightens further. It does not help when we elect a leader who stands by racist groups like the Ku Klux Klan, or other white supremacist groups. Most racism that we see today in America comes from white people in the southern states. Their heritage has been branded into their DNA, and they are not letting go easily, and they will still march through the streets because black people exist in our country. That form of racism is called “active racism”, where you have demonstrations, violence, protests, and murders that explode from angry white people. “Passive racism” is when a person is knowingly racist because of ignorance or a life experience, but they pass it off in a more cowardly manner, like not hiring any black people, refusing service to black people, stopping production of a product because you find out that black people buy it, building a wall, executing travel bans, etc. The active racism has exploded in recent years as the number of white supremacy groups have risen all over the united states. Black people are not the only ones who get the short end of the stick. Mexicans are being blamed for all kinds of problems. There is an enormous debate going on about how we should handle illegal immigrants and legal immigrants. Supremacy groups argue that Mexicans, black people, Asian, and others are all taking their jobs. They truly believe that they cannot get a job in America because there are all walks of life that reside here. They do not argue that they do not have an education, experience, skills, or a personable personality, but still, those jobs should be theirs. They often argue that people get something for nothing, like government help programs, or jobs. The irony here is that the supremacists expect jobs they are not qualified for to be given to them for nothing. That argument, and all the others they seem to conjure up, solidify the ignorance of their group, and no person should ever take them seriously. How Do We Stop Racism?Like most other problems, racism starts at home, at school, or other social environments we all live through. If parents taught their kids to only judge a person by their character, racism would end, and we could move on from even having these outdated discussions. Now, it should be said that racism actually does not exist, as most people have gotten a grip on reality, and loves one another. Only a small handful of people still hang on to their stone age beliefs and ignorance. If they are just ignored, then racism is truly dead. We must understand that everyone is an individual. Police need to understand this especially. Well, they need a lot of things, like proper training and screening, but if they were to understand that they do not need to be scared of black people, then most of the horrible violence would stop. It also needs to be said that racism comes in many forms, and parents that teach their kids to hate a certain race because they think that all of them are racist, is the exact same thing, and it further divides us. Most people who are racist have never even interacted with another race, because they hold on to those beliefs that someone else tells them they should believe, but never experience another culture for themselves. In America, we do not even have that many different cultures. Most people live exactly the same, besides some people in larger cities that hold on to their heritage and traditions, and have a certain part of the city that they congregate, and live. Everyone is just a man, woman, or child, trying to survive in the oligarchy we live in. We go to work, take care of our kids, and do the best we can as people. Bad people are bad. They cannot be associated with a color of their skin! We are creatures of habits and patterns, so we commonly conclude that if one thing hurts us, every one of those things will hurt us if we let it, and that just simply is not a truth to life. That just is not reality.