In way of harvesting. It accurate the maturity and


              In an advertisement in a 2018
Women’s Health magazine, a great view of a hillside shown as a backbone of a
women, covers the whole paper. Pleasant smile of a women, near the ocean personify
the new energy and confidence brought by the morning sunshine in her glowing
face. We can see the three different forms of the product; Sambucus on the
lower left corner of the advertisement. The advertisement grabs the attention
of the readers with the white bright words in the middle which state, “Pick by
hand, Grown with Care.” The advertisement itself is rich in picture and we can
see the women genuinely collecting the berries and walking down the hill. By
stating the provenance of the product, the advertisement emphasize on how the
berries are handled with care based from growing to production company in that
it entice a consumer in buying the product.

          Our health requires healthy food and healthy
food comes from nature. In this busy world, fast food restaurant are the ultimate
solution of the hunger and people are so caught up in their own work that they don’t
have time to eat fresh or organic. The ad copy announces, “Picked by hand.
Grown with care.” Hand pick up is the traditional way of harvesting. It
accurate the maturity and grade selection of a plant and provide less damage to
the product. Farming has held a momentous place in the American economy and
culture and thus the ad is trying to convey that traditional way is the better way
for our health. The ad is targeting the wide range of audience to use their
product in any form they like by stating the product is available in gummies,
syrups and lozenges.  The women is shown
from back walking down the hill with a basket full of berries in her hand is
represent in the advertisement.

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         The ad states, “From the nutrient-rich
soil in the Austrian hills, our farmers handpick each and every elderberry that
goes into our Sambucus. So, we can grow better berries, and help support your
immune health.”  For better health, we
need better food and for better food we need nutrient rich soil which helps in
the growth of the plant. Austria is considered to be Europe’s ‘No 1 organic
farming country’. By mentioning the product being made from Austrian hills
which is famous for grape growing as their land is mineral and nutrient rich, the
ad successfully conveys the reader that the product will do better for their
health. The picture of a women’s face is taken from close up and the smile on
her face indicates that she is relief from stress and looks happy.

           We can see the uniqueness of the
ideas and elements contained in the ad. ‘Best seller great tasting’. We can see
this text written outside the box of a product. By presenting the product as a
best seller, it has already allure the human mentality to consider the product to
be the best in the market. Especially for children great taste of medicine is a
must for them to have it. Parents usually have hard time to make their children
take medicine. The sick child is already stressful, but their medicine time won’t
be. The ad is silently targeting the younger audience by referring the taste. The
women’s face with a wrinkled and puffiness in the eye reflect the target
audience to be adults of age 30 and higher. The advertisement presents a nature
land as a backbone of a women and want to appeal as Natures got our back. Our
home is a sanctuary ideal retreat and so is nature. The symbol can evoke the
powerful emotions within people and the picture of nature in the ad does just

          Agriculture and American culture has
always been there. On average women spent more time than men doing household
activities. The classical farm gender role in the United States were based on
the division of labor in which men participated in field task such as animal
care, harvesting crops, using farm machinery tools, while most women participated
in farmhouse task which does not require much strength and power such as
preparing and preserving food, maintaining the farm compounds. Basing on the
picture of a woman, this gives an overview of gender in that women are
considered not rough in handling things, so the caring part is being configured
to the buyer.

          Being out in a nature, eating natural
food is always good for our mental and physical health. Knowing that the
elderberries are picked by hand without any damage, already creates a level of
satisfaction in the audience and keen interest in the product. The idea of representing
nature and farming as a backbone of a women reflect the economic and cultural
attitude of American society. The advertisement manipulates the buyer through
the symbol of nature. Nature imagery in advertising lead to an increase in
attention towards advertisement messages, which in turn may constitute a
significant antecedent of post-exposure message recall and recognition. Perhaps,
there is no surprise on knowing that people might actually go looking around
for the product in drugstores after seeing the ad. Overall, the ad specifically
gives a scope on human health based on “Elderberries”.