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In another scene in the beginning of the film, the police chase Jamal, his brother, and their friends through the slums as they were illegally playing cricket on a landing strip. The children are able to get through the maze-like alleys and intersections quickly while the police are seen struggling. The music distinctly from India is up-beat and the fast paced scene is filled with more vibrant colors that greatly represent Indian culture. As the scene plays out, the camera zooms out and the viewer sees how vast this slum is and the great number of people living there. Certainly too many for the amount of space that there is. The cinematography from just the first scene shows the great divide between the wealthy and the poor, it shows what Jamal came from and the journey he took to get where he is in the present moment. Later in the film, Jamal takes an American couple to see the Ganges River, the camera pulls back to a long distance shot, showing how colorful the scene is. It’s a contrast to the slums, here people want to visit, tourists from the outside. The slums are reserved for Jamal and the people forced to live there. The viewer is showed how Jamal is able to adapt to his surroundings with his charm making him relatable to the viewers.With regard to characters in the film, Boyle does a great job with the brothers, Jamal and Salim. Throughout the film, there didn’t seem to be a character that would do anything to help out Jamal. The person that would lookout for Jamal the most was himself, he was his own protector. Prem Kumar tries his best to bring Jamal down. Maman, a gangster isn’t much better and Javed, the last man to capture Latika, (the brother’s childhood friend) is awful. Yet the person who stands in Jamal’s way is Salim. From the very beginning of the film, Salim is leading the darker path, he stays a thief while Jamal tries to lead a better life. Throughout the flashbacks that are shown, Salim is the one that keeps Jamal from finding Latika. Jamal, Salim, and Lakita are captured in their youth by Maman, a gangster. While they all escape at first, Lakita is recaptured. She becomes his most “prized possession,” and is going to be sold into prostitution. Luckily the brothers come back and are able to rescue her only for Salim to assert his dominance over Jamal and takes Lakita from him. Salim gives her to his new boss, Javed. When Jamal finds Latika once again in Javed’s compound, he wants her to escape and she agrees only for Salim to find her, capturing her once more. Boyle pits the brothers together creating a tension for the film keeping the viewer engaged making the film the thriller that it is.The film Slumdog Millionaire is a thriller, Jamal, Salim, and as well as other characters live in chaotic worlds, loving, dangerous, and greedy. The film captures their lives perfectly in the slums, on the streets, and on the set of the show. As Jamal and Salim grow up together, Salim constantly stands in Jamal’s way but in the end gives into his better side to help Jamal succeed. Showing a realism of family and the world that we live in. They live opposite lives, both just trying to survive and in the end they show that no matter what, the love they have for each other is stronger than anything else. Again, the cinematography captures the essence of this film and brings it alive for viewers around the world with the use of settings, camera angles, and the characters within the film make it engaging and powerful from beginning to end.