In various sources like journals, books, magazine etc. Even

the highly competitive market, business organizations are leaving no stone
unturned to come out with flying colors. According to the turbulent times, it
is necessary that companies have to improve current processes to meet new
challenges. Companies have to be effective in each activity, especially in
marketing. As consumers are getting better at avoiding the traditional
marketing campaigns used by companies, it has become crucial for companies to make
their messages different, to make them stand out from their competitors’
messages in order to be seen and heard by the customers. One way of doing this
is to use guerrilla marketing, which is more extreme, innovative and attention
capturing than traditional marketing. Guerilla marketing is one of the growing marketing
techniques that make use of unconventional or unusual means of promoting the
product to the market. It is all about taking the consumer by surprise. The
main point of guerrilla marketing communication is to put the business name in
front of as many people as possible, in an unexpected way. The popularity of
guerrilla marketing is enhanced when modern technology changes consumer
behavior rapidly, reflecting through the accelerating Internet usage and the
overall declining exposure of young audience to traditional TV advertising. It
is usually a low cost form of marketing.  The objective of this study is to identify the
key characteristics and importance of Guerrilla Marketing in present scenario. It is descriptive study based on secondary data obtained from various
sources like journals, books, magazine etc.
Even though guerrilla marketing may not completely replace traditional
marketing, it does unarguably illustrate new directions, support the proven
marketing tools and supplement them with unconventional elements, the purpose
of which is to achieve advertising effectiveness and influence consumer
behavior. The paper emphasizes on the issues in adoption of guerrilla marketing
and has suggested the crucial factors need to be taken care while designing
successful Guerrilla marketing strategy.