In to the design and implementation of rules. There

In the latter case, although many studies have
questioned the stabilizing effect of fiscal policy choices, the need for
financial stability and economic stability in various countries shows that it
is not desirable or possible to completely abandon the policy of camera choice.

In view of this, how to ensure the effectiveness of policy decision-making in
camera is what we need to consider. In order to solve this problem, most of the
countries in the world have made corresponding restrictions on the choice of
fiscal policy. In spite of this, there are still big differences between the
theoretical circles regarding whether the fiscal policy needs to be bound by
rules. For this issue, we need to analyze from three perspectives, so as to
grasp the fundamentals of the fiscal policy and regulatory constraints. First
of all, we need to clarify the meaning of financial rules and their purpose;
second, examine the effect of such rules; finally, we need to pay attention to
the design and implementation of rules. There is already empirical evidence
that if the rules can not be made in the form of public choice, this task can
only be entrusted to an independent, reputable organization. Not only that, but
in order to ensure the effective implementation of the rules, we must also
Increase transparency in the formulation and implementation of rules, as
transparency of information not only increases the power of external oversight,
but also promotes scientific development of policies.

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