In the Buddha slowed Siddhartha down on his journey

In Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse’s, a young Brahmin, Siddhartha wishes to leave his life of extravagance to find his true self. Siddhartha demonstrates how truth and inner peace are found within and discovered when the individual learns to listen to himself and the world that surrounds him as is evidenced by Siddhartha’s need to leave the Gautama Buddha, as well as Kamala and Kamaswami and listen to the teachings of the River guided by Vasudeva.Siddhartha starts his journey living someone else’s life. He spends three years with the Samanas and traveling with Govinda. This got in his way of finding his true self and his goal of enlightenment. Siddhartha gave up everything he had. He started fasting and only wore a loincloth. With each day Siddhartha keeps getting further away from reaching his goal. Siddhartha starts to feel like he’s living a pointless life and is wasting his time. Siddhartha and Govinda left the Samana and decide to go to the Buddha to hear about his teaching. When listing to the Buddha’s teaching he thought, “Siddhartha gave no reply. He felt no great curiosity to hear this doctrine. He did not think it would teach him anything new; after all. He, like Govinda, had already heard the substance of the Buddha’s teachings over and over again, if only from second- and thirdhand reports.” (25) All the days he spends with the Samanas and the Buddha slowed Siddhartha down on his journey to find his true self. The things he learned from the different people in the different cast levels did not really help Siddhartha in any way. The teachings did not help further his knowledge.Siddhartha is too enthralled with the idea of finding enlightenment that he did not notice that he feels more depressed the more he spends with Kamala. Kamala introduced Kamaswami, a wealthy merchant to Siddhartha. Siddhartha learned how to do business. He made connections with people in the city. Kamala taught him about love. It leads to a relationship and a child. After Kamala died, Siddhartha had to take care of his son. All the days Siddhartha spend with his son helped him learn a lesson, that if a person truly loves someone they have to let them go. “This face resembled another face he had once known and loved and also feared. It resembled the face of his father, the Brahmin. And he remembered how, a very long time ago, he, a mere youth, had forced his father to let him go to join the penitents, how he had taken leave of him, and then he had gone and had never again returned. Had not his father suffered the same pain he himself was now suffering on account of his son?” (110) He realized he could not stop his son from leaving, just as Siddhartha’s own father could not stop Siddhartha. The son will have to learn to understand the world on his own like Siddhartha did. For the first time, Siddhartha begins to truly understand the what it means to love someone and the love that people around him feel.From the beginning to the very end, Vasudeva is almost like a mentor to Siddhartha, helping him achieve his goal. Vasudeva helps Siddhartha find enlightenment by bringing him to the river instead of telling him what he will learn so that he can experience the world on his own. “‘Yes.’ the ferryman said, ‘it is a very beautiful river. I love it above all else. Often I have listened to it, often gazed into its eyes, and always I have learned from it. You can learn a great deal from a river.”‘ (44) Vasudeva gives Siddhartha clues without telling him everything because enlightenment has to be experienced not taught. He told Siddhartha, “Vasudeva got up. ‘It has grown late.’ he said. ‘Let us go to be. I cannot tell you what the rest is, my friend. You will learn it; perhaps you already know it.'” (89) Vasudeva tells Siddhartha where to go to reach his inner self but, he does not tell him what he has to do. He does not tell Siddhartha what to do at the river. Instead, he leaves it up to Siddhartha to figure out on his own.Hundreds of Buddhist monks try to attain Nirvana daily. They all follow the teachings of the Buddha, but most fail to reach their goal and end up being reborn as new creatures. In Siddhartha’s journey to reaching his goal of enlightenment, he follows the teachings of the Samana, the Buddha, and Kamala but, they keep him from achieving his goal. In the end, he realizes that he needs to leave everyone behind and follow his own path to find enlightenment. Siddhartha starts to spend more time listening to Vasudeva and the teachings of the river.