In take as a reference all the things that

In this essay I am going to analyze the topic about the convenience of growing up tn a small town than a big city and how is relates with learning values, this is incredibly because there are a lot of factors that make better a small town for example you know a lot of people that can help you on an emergency for example if you get hurt in the bicycle you can ask help to you neighbors and they can help you because they know you.In a big city no one is going to stop an help you and another thing is that in a big city is  more dangerous to get out alone if you are a kid because there are a lot of bad people out that want to hurt kids and this is one of the reasons why kids stop playing outside the cars, the bad people, there are a lot of reasons. That’s why I believe is better in a small town in a small town is more uncommon those events happen because is the people in those places are like a big family one thing that influences people in their lives is the tape of childhood because in the first years of your life your brain is like a sponge that takes all the things that you see in the daily live and make that to you an example because the human brain copies and take as a reference all the things that make the similar or more specific its patterns or their neighbors that make a big point of your life and can define the people that you will be in the future because of the things that you learn.Another thing that people don’t know is that children don’t learn all in the school they learn other things in their house for example you learn to talk you learn the name of a lot of things that’s is a thing that people don’t know coming back on our topic the central idea is the small town one thing that impact in your life is the relationship with your friends in a small town you go to the school then in the afternoon you hang out with your friends to take an ice cream or those things in difference between a big city the kids only can see his friends when their parents make a plan and that is a problem because if your parents want that you became a friend of one kid that doesn’t want to be your friend you have deal with your parents decision in other example if another kid is your best friend and yo want to play with he in his or her house but his house is on the other city side the kic have a problem because the distance and that is going to affect the characteristics of t) future personality of the kid because he can’t play without his friend in a small town y can see your friends without problems of time or distance. The friendship is one of the most important on the life of a person our friends teach us as same we teach they with new things all the time this make a big difference between two types of education with this type of learning you can be more friendly on the future and the things that you can make are incredibly another advantage is that in a small town you can learn with try and fail and then try again in a small town are a lot of nature.In this argument I want to talk about nature in the small town life of a kid they can get a lot of knowledge by practicing see the birds, the animals of the region the nature in simple words but what make incredibly this type of learning because you or more specific they are our own teacher learning with hurt and feelings with this type of learning they can learn the double if they only go to school to learn and then get back to home to do nothing exceptional, in a small town a person can grow to be a good person in the future because he knows the work that requires to get to that position he knows the time that you spend to be in that position that’s one reason that I think this is a great form to create a family, another thing that I thing is better a small town is the physical activity in a big city all the people including children use transports to get from one side to another with no physical activity the difference between both of them is that small town is too small that you can walk to any side that you need to go for example you need something from the market you can only cross the road or enter next door house to buy something if you are a parent those things in your child the security of a small town is better than the city because you know all lot of people that can tell you if he was there or was part of his route.With all of this thing we know something there is a lot of values that you learn in a little town in difference with the big city you learn how you be a better person with friendship in a little town the friend is like big family in this type of places you can learn how to share your things for example the kids of a big city don’t trust that somebody return their bicycle if they lend to them to go faster or for an emergency that is a bad thing that childis doesn’t learn in the big city that is a thing that make me feel sad