In sentiment and resistance to reformation and policy making.

In last decades, Internet
(Social media) and its tools have developed very quickly and
started to put impact the society specially in last 10 years.
This impact has forced companies to transform their communication with internal
and external environment. Nowadays public are responsible consumer’s that urge organization
to improve society, by using social media and its tools, With the advancement
in communication technology, social media has changed
the way of people communicate with each other. The essay argues, in previous
years how social had a positive effect on internal and external aims to examine the use of social media, its challenges while
using as an internal communication tool, its attitude
toward social media as
an internal communication tool and its influence on
communication strategies. The first explores the impact of social media in
increasing effeteness and collecting support for local health activism with the
benefits of social media in term of cost effeteness, job satisfaction,
productivity and sharing of information.

Firstly, Social is expanding
day by day and  As huge advancement of social media (e.g. Twitter and
Facebook) have promote the e-mobilization of local activist,  new social media tools are affecting
productive, logical communication with the public and their recent promising
external members (Seo, Kim, & Yang, 2009; Sriramesh 2010). Moreover health
activist (Zoller, 2005) attain attention of peoples toward both sectors private
and public of society with doubling efforts in balanced communication between
private and public areas is highly accentuate, In
regard global health is being related to human rights and values moreover ,
health activist rests on particular political act (Zoller, 2005). For example,
in the Korean companies, main political forces existed in social work, such as
anti-Western sentiment and resistance to reformation and policy making. However
the recent social  events has brought efficient
and significant changes to the planning communication of  health organizations in Korea, with rise up
in e-mobilization has been accompanied by  boosting in the number of small donations and
I cover the larger part of the company’s budget. Consistent part of each single
donor eases the responsibility of the organization. Otherwise organization have
to rely on few rich and well known corporations. It then assumed that as social
media are integrated into both health NGOs’ routines and individuals
contributing efforts in two-way balanced and transparent communication between
health NGOs and the public will also be facilitated.

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Secondly, with the advancement
of communication technology, social media has changed
the way people communicate with each other. According to Edosomwan et al. (2011), social
media is derived with the beginning of human interference. It play an important
role in revolutionize business communication and now play a
major role in many business people lives. In
addition, social media has expanded and most used communication
channel in the world. Major research supports the use
of social media in organizational method in which many
corporation had used social media such as, YouTube, blogs and Facebook
for communication and bond with the consumer or peoples and workers. The
importance of
using social media for internal communication are
profit (Greenwald, 2010), betterment of job, its high production and allocating
information among company members and leaders 
(Burrus, 2010) as well as making good communication skills,
stronger bonds and commitment  between
the management, business heads and workers in company (Khan & Khan, 2011).
Leadership communication is an major element of learning in organization
as this build communication affects between organizational members and
employees, which affect the organization’s performance, productivity and
reputation. However internal communication – an area
which was ignored in the previous years and now it gaining
more attention. Studies illustrate the active internal communication has positive influence
on the workers, office environment, production and the company’s bottom line. Communication is the
key to be a better manager, thus, manager’s active communication with
the worker will motivate and inspire them to work which increase company’s
financial success and its reputation.  Meredith (2012) in his research
justify that leaders should take social media on its maximum potential to
reach internal and external audiences which includes
employees, shareholders, stakeholder, consumer and media. In
addition, a survey from a marketing solutions company claim
that near about 48% of business heads planning to spent more budgets
on social media to achieve better result in market.

Thirdly, Public awareness is increasing day by day regarding
social, environmental and humanitarian causes permanent consumer  are imploring organization to behave honestly
in society and to their shareholders. To comply with that request of people and
in association with their corporate responsibility (CSR) programs, company
should maintain and develop communication with consumer and keep them up-to-date
of actions and projects (Castelló and Ros, 2012). According to Brown and Dacin
(1997), buyer’s support and trust will grow stronger if corporation act
sensibly in case of environment and corporate responsibility (Safi and Ramay,
2013). Using internet can allow corporative (csr) actions to determines an
organization’s commitment and impact on its e-reputation (Kiousis et
al. , 2007). The internet has become accepted as a informational
channel for developing and relations between organization and the customers
(Waters et al. , 2009), and online channels are trending rapdly and
becoming an major tool used to manage reputation of comapany (Jones, 2009;
Castellano and Dutot, 2013). Scholars have suggested that corporations’
websites could provide number opportunities to present and describe their
corporate identity, product sales to their stakeholders and market (Rolland and
Bazzoni, 2009). 

conclusion, this essay explores the positive influence of social media on
internal and external business communication. Social media has impact on
communication from past decade, in term of its role in health activism in
NGO’s, leadership, ttaining people trust and their commitment, higher productivity,
e-reputation and last in CSR (corporate social responsibility.




























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