In Pavlov: Exploring the Animal Machine, he explain that

In the modern age of psychology, many people tend to use the word conditioning and it connect to behavism. Conditioning simple is an action associated with an action or object refer as conditional stimulus. The word first be used by a famous psychologist name Ivan Pavlov, he also contribute many of his work to science. Ivan Pavlov is a Russian psychologist who famous with his work on classical conditioning. He was born on September 14, 1849, in Ryazan, Russia. As the son of a priest, he take his father’s advice to follow the theological study but he later change to science. According to Fields, an author of a biography entitled Ivan Pavlov published in 2017, he state:” Ivan Pavlov is best known for his investigation of the conditioned reflexes of animals and his works on experiments greatly influenced both modern physiology and psychology”. While working on nerves system of the brain on dog, he discovered a response of the dog according to the activity of feeding. He called this response as conditional reflex, a learned behavior that happen when response to any stimulus. According to Todes, an author of 2000 book entitled Ivan Pavlov: Exploring the Animal Machine, he explain that in the experiments Pavlov will give the dog food and it will salvation but it don’t give any respond to the bell’s sound. He train the dog by ring the bell everytime he feed the dog and repeat it for a weak to put a conditional stimulus to the dog’s brain. Then every time he ring the bell, the dog will drooling even there is no food. The unconditioned stimulus is the food, the bell’s sound act as a conditional stimulus and the saliva is the conditional response. By combine these action together, he successful train the dog to respond to the bell’s sound. I think that  the work of Pavlov on the classical conditioning is a big push to the behaviorism. By using classical conditioning, we can study the behavior of people or animals when put into a stimulus. Classical conditioning can be found everywhere in the world today especially in the education field. The most useful thing that I apply classical conditioning is to train my dog. Another way is to use extinction conditioning to prevent drug user from use drugsI choose Pavlov because his work really impact the world. He use his talent to help build the modern psychology. His work influence many behaviorist like John B. Watson and B. F. Skinner. Many study in the field of economics also use the theorem of his work to learn about behavior of consumer. By learning about his work, psychologists can answer many question still need to learn about like if birds build nest in the wild for the egg so do they do it because of instinct or because of the behavior they learn from other birds. I think human still have a lot of mystery need to be discovery  and Pavlov work is one of the way to help we understand more about humankind.Pavlov was the pure genius and a respectable man, everything he does in his life is for the benefit of the psychology world. I hope that by learning these thing from him, everyone could expand the need in research for the mind of human. From learning many good ideas from him, i think that I could use these information to apply in my life