In (p 27). Corporate customers are the major users

India the number of internet users could be around 49 million. Of these about
40 million are urban users while about 9 million are in the rural category. The
internet has the potential to increase the productivity by reducing the cost of
many of the transactions and also by bringing down the cost of distribution.

broadening of marketers could lead to a certain pressure on suppliers to use
techniques, which could reduce saving and thereby improving the efficiency of
supply chain management (, P15)

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the last few years the financial service industry in India has taken giant
strides in making internet facilities available to their clients (p 17). Large
organizations are very often reluctant to make radical changes from the road
travelled successfully. And not ready to adapt new developments, which appear
to be risky. This is because new technology could end up cannibalizing their
markets and destroying their divisions (p 27). Corporate customers are the
major users of internet. ICICI bank now allows customers to pay municipal taxes
on internet. “A development, which has not attracted much attention is the
development of internet platforms to trade and pledge electronic warehouse
receipts. This may reduce the need for government to purchase commodities for
stock piling. Letters of credit, bills of lading and other documents associated
with trade funds are also gradually being taken over under the e-finance
umbrella”. (p32).  

Cyber Crimes

Electronic system
risks can be classified into two groups: risks which can lead to disabling the
system from functioning and risks relating to data tampering and misuse. Hacking
can be included in the first category. The second category misuse is related to
fraudulent data misuse and illegal access to information for some personal gain
(94). As an unregulated medley of corporations, individuals, governments and
educational institutions that have agreed to use a standard set of
communication protocols, the internet wide open to explorations. The critical
issue that we face right now can be divided into two. The first one is the denial
of service attacks aimed at creating damage to the system by hacking, cracking
and sending malicious viruses or to the computer network. The second category,
the computer is the target of attacks (111). Computer crimes take several forms
like, sabotage, revenge, vandalisms, theft eavesdropping and data diddling,
credit card frauds, counterfeiting, bank embezzlement and theft of secret