In ordinary bathing suit… In addition, Burgess had read

    In 2013 the documentary “Blackfish” premiered at the Sundance festival, but was later spread to a larger community with the help of CNN. The film “Blackfish” questions the treatment and imprisonment of Orca Whales and proposes the idea that being held in small enclosures is detrimental to the health of these intelligent beings. After the documentary aired, “Seaworld’s profits dropped 84%” (Rhodan), but there are some visitors who still choose to attend the amusement park. What is the amoral history behind Seaworld? Are Seaworld visitors an accomplice to the abuse of Orca Whales? Should they be held captive at all?        The first Seaworld opened its gates in March of 1964 in the city of San Diego, California. The original founders of this major corporation – George Millay, Milton Shedd, Dave Demotte, and Ken Norris – came up with the idea of a deep sea restaurant, but that idea branched off into something much more. In 1965, the first ever whale to be captured and transferred to Seaworld was a female Orca named Shamu. In order to imprison Shamu, the whale researcher killed the mother right in front of Shamu. Even after that, the researchers continuously captured and murdered these animals. Every time the researchers would kill an Orca while they were attempting to capture them, they would slice oopen the whale and fill the body with rocks so that the body was unable to locate. Shortly after Shamu was captured, she had shown signs of aggression several times. The first instance of Shamu’s aggression took place in the early 1970’s, “He knew Shamu was conditioned to being ridden only by persons wearing wetsuits, and that Shamu had in the past attacked persons who attempted to ride her in an ordinary bathing suit… In addition, Burgess had read training records which showed Shamu had been behaving erratically since early March 197.” (Justia US Law) But that wasn’t the first instance of anger shown by killer whales. Aggression has been shown many times throughout the whales that have been captured and taken to Seaworld, but that’s just one of the many (mental) illnesses that these creatures have adapted. Overtime, the amount of injuries and death to the trainers grew rapidly over the course of 55 years. Most recently, the death of the experienced trainer – Dawn Brancheau – opened the eyes of many. On February 24, 2010, the male Orca whale, Tilikum, dragged Dawn Brancheau by the arm below the surface of the water, tearing her arm off of her body, fracturing her neck and breaking several bones. Even after the death of Brancheau, Seaworld continued to exploit these beings for money.        Enclosures for these whales are not only unhealthy for the adult orcas, it has been proven to be unstable for the infants (calves) as well. Seaworld has been unnaturaly breeding whales for over thirty years. After Orca whale capturing was banned, Seaworld had to come up with a way to continuously breed them. They began to “artificially inseminate” these animals by extracting the semen from a male and implant it into the female. This process has led to the deaths of many mothers and their calves because the mothers are usually too young to breed. Ever since Seaworld has been participating in this unnatural process, there has been an increase in the amount of stillbirths – which is usually caused from the inbreeding that Seaworld also participates in doing.