In on him, and threatened to kill him. Atticus,

In Civil RIghts History, or specifically in the setting of Harper Lee’s famous novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, we see many examples of injustices, evil, and hypocrisy. The Civil Rights Movement is one of the broadest examples to bring out such examples because of its harshness, discrimination, and lack of fairness.In To Kill a Mockingbird, we see many examples of injustice and racism. The first example that shot straight to my mind, was how people view Dolphus Raymond. Dolphus is a white man from Maycomb county, he portrays himself as a drunk so “folks can say Dolphus Raymond’s in the clutches of whiskey.” Many people of Maycomb despise blacks, but Mr. Raymond is able to see the good in them He treats them as equals, and goes to extraordinary lengths to associate with them. This example shows that although there was a lot of injustice happening, there was still good. Another example of injustice is when Scout and her family attend a family event for Christmas. Scout and her cousin are outside and he calls Atticus a “Nigger Lover!” Scout gets in trouble for not beating up her cousin, although her Uncle Jack didn’t listen to her side of the story. She did not beat him up, she hit him with something and the cousin goes to tell the mother. Scout got spanked and this shows how in any situation, your side of the story should be heard.The last example of injustice is plain, bland, and simple. The character involved is Tom Robinson. Tom Robinson is harshly discriminated against during the trial, when he and Atticus had a clear victory, but they still lost to the Ewells. The Ewells are key contributors of discrimination and being awful people in Maycomb. After losing the trial, Tom was sent to jail and when trying to escape, he was shot 17 times. 17 shots seems to be a lot after WWI, but before WWII. All of the shots were on one person! The next word portrayed a lot in the book is hypocrisy. One example is after the trial, when Atticus was leaving the post office, Mr. Ewell approached him, cursed at him, spat on him, and threatened to kill him. Atticus, remained calm, wiped his face, and stood patiently as Bob insulted him. This hypocrisy surrounds the fact that although Mr. Ewell had portrayed himself as a good man at the trial, he mocks Mr. Finch, because he knows that he was lying and that Atticus knew the truth. Another example of hypocrisy is when Scout’s teacher informs the class about Adolf Hitler and all the wrong things he did wrong to the Jews. How he discriminated to a whole nother level with killing them for the given reason that they weren’t Aryan. Later, she is overheard by Scout saying how she was happy Tom was convicted and that blacks need to stay in their own place. She was a complete hypocrite when saying this because the whites were discriminating against the blacks, not killing them, but not allowing them to use certain things, or have nice things like the whites.The last example of hypocrisy is during Aunt Alexandra’s missionary circle meeting. In this circle or meeting, other white women in Maycomb and her meet and discuss the town gossip and other topics. During this example it happened to be set in the Finch;s home. They happened to be talking about how they wanted to help blacks in Africa, but they wanted to condemn those in Maycomb County.At the end of the novel, we read a part of the evil in Maycomb County with Bob Ewell dying. After the trial, Mr. Ewell threatens Atticus and follows through with it. When Jem and Scout are walking back from a presentation, they are attacked by Bob Ewell who is found “on the ground… with a kitchen knife stuck up under his ribs.” This shows us that although Atticus was only doing his job defending an innocent victim, Mr. Ewell would try to harm his children in return. Another example of evil in To Kill A Mockingbird is in the whole Maycomb white community, or at least most of it. The community is racist to the blacks. There is racial discrimination in this book, but mostly the community tries to shield off the blacks and white trash of Maycomb. It is evil to us now that people segregated in the 102-s and 30s, but they were raised and grew up under those customs. The last example of evil is the lynch mob trying to kill Tom Robinson. The lynch mob that tries to kill Tom Robinson consists of a man, Mr. Cunningham, who is supposed to be a kind, poor farmer that is grateful for what he can get. He is not expected to be the person using his time to try to kill a black man. Mr. Cunningham is the character I most despise because of this. There may have been other members of this lynch mob that were like Mr. Cunningham. It also plain evil to want to kill someone that hasn’t been fairly tried yet for something that may have not done.To conclude, To Kill a Mockingbird shows us injustice, hypocrisy and the evil of the 1930s. It shows how white people racially discriminated against blacks. It also shows how people did wrong things with reasons that are absurd. The novel shows us how much the world has changed. We think a lot of the white supremacists and other people who were discriminant towards others were evil, but a lot of them were taught to be that way.