In of Reverend Patrick Bronte and Maria Barnwell Bronte.

In 1818, a famous author named Emily Bronte was born in a town named Thornton, Yorkshire in England. The time she spends in Yorkshire was quite a lot. She was the fifth child of Reverend Patrick Bronte and Maria Barnwell Bronte. She had two sisters named Barnwell Bronte who was also z clergyman father. Her family has interest in literature and was fond of writing. Emily wrote her first novel “Wuthering Heights” in 1874. She got various kinds of critics and acclaim on her novel. Apart from Emily her sisters and father also use to write and have also published their work. After a little while in Yorkshire, the family moved to the Haworth. After the nine months of Anna’s birth, Emily’s mother died because of cancer. Emil’s aunty Elizabeth Barnwell started to live with them in order to take care of them. When Emily was six years old she was sent to Clergy’s Daughter school along with her other three sisters Anna, Elizabeth, Charlotte, and Maria. Bu later in 1825 after the death of Maria and Elizabeth which was because of tuberculosis Emily’s father removed her and Charlotte from school. The time Emily spends at home was fun. All of the family had strong imaginative minds through they used to make stories and enjoy them ( Editors, n.d.). As they were poor, Emily needs to find a job so she became the teacher of Law Hill School in 1837. In 1842 they traveled to Brussels for further studies but returned because of her aunt’s death. Bronte uses to write the story based on her true story. Her lifestyle and living which was usually surrounded by moors greatly influenced her story. Her novel Wuthering Heights have motherless characters which reflect her own feelings o being a motherless girl. Bronte was a shy girl she often stayed at home. She mainly learned things herself rather going to a proper schooling life. Her poetry and story of Wuthering Heights were based on Mysticism which was the concept of the poem written in that era. Emily was so shy that the poems she wrote were published in the name of man “Ellis”. After the publication of her story “Wuthering Height” Emily left her house in order to attend the funeral of his beloved brother. During her journey, she caught a severe cold and that could spread to her lungs. Sadly after two months in 1848, on December 19th Emily died because of tuberculosis. The death of a writer after the publication was classics in the literature (cliffnotes.con Editors, n.d.). Emily Bronte popular work include Wuthering Heights, O come with me, She dried her tears; as they did smile, Long neglect has worn away and many more.