In Mr. Hyde. Mr. Utterson gets an address and

In the beginning of the novel, were introduced to the lawyer named Mr. Utterson. He is conflicted because a little girl was ran over by a man named Edward Hyde. He is also conflicted with the fact that he paid the family with a check signed with the name Henry Jekyll. He assumes that it’s a forgery, but it’s not so he suspects something. Also, Jekyll’s will was changed, and Hyde was said to inherit everything. Mr. Utterson thinks that Mr. Hyde is blackmailing Dr. Jekyll so he asks him about it, but is told to stay out of it. Nearly a year later, a man is beaten to death with a cane that Mr. Utterson gave to him as a gift. Mr. Utterson questions Jekyll again, but he insists that Hyde has run away. He shows Utterson a goodbye letter from Hyde, but again, the handwriting looks the same as Jekyll’s. In the middle of the book, things are getting better with Jekyll and Hyde. Hyde is still “gone” and Jekyll seems happier. But then, Mr. Utterson’s friend dies, but gives him a letter beforehand stating to only open it when Dr. Jekyll dies or disappears. But Jekyll starts acting very strange and locks himself in his laboratory. Utterson gets to him and gets his butler to break down his door with him. They discover Hyde lying dead in Jekyll’s clothes; next to him, a suicide note. Utterson goes home and reads the letter that the friend gave to him, explaining everything.The last part of the book is Dr. Lanyon explaining that Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde are the same person in his letter. The letter also states that they transform back and forth through potions. Jekyll explains that he does this because he wanted to separate his good and evil sides. Eventually, the transformations become out of control and he transforms without the potions. He knew that sooner or later, he would permanently become his evil side, Mr. Hyde. Mr. Utterson gets an address and goes there to see Dr. Jekyll turn into Mr. Hyde