In May 16th, 1826. Then a lot of land

In the former Cape May County Superintendent Dr. Beesley’s 1876 history, he described the history of schools in Goshen, indicating that the current school was the third structure in Goshen:The first house stood near John McCraven’s about half way between Dennisville and Goshen. It was a small and poor house, and was used for school purposes until May 16th, 1826. Then a lot of land was purchased by Mrs. Hugh Tomlin, where they constructed a school . Harvey Shaw was the first teacher. It was rough and uncomfortable. In 1872, the present new beautiful building was constructed. It was two stories high, and stood directly opposite the Goshen Methodist Church, it was to seat 125 students. It cost $4000.00.   The school house was built to accommodate students through 8th grade. With the younger children downstairs and the older children upstairs.According to the MIddle Township Board of Education meeting minutes, there were two faculty members at the Goshen School: a principal who often served as a teacher for the upper grades and a second teacher for the lower grades.Some upgrades to the school:May 1913- (2) water closets and outhouses installedNovember 1913- Coal heaters installed1930’s- well deepened, fire extinguishers installed and coal bins built1932- bell telephone was connected1936- electricity was wired1941- running water with drinking fountains installed1949- fire escapes installed1959- indoor toilets installedOn March 8, 1962, the Middle Township Board of Education voted that all students be transported to Court House Schools for the 1962-63 school year.In 1963, the school board discussed that the outbuildings at the Goshen school were being destroyed by unknown persons. A few months later the board decided to put the Goshen School House property for sale. On January 8, 1964 the school received 2 bids. A bid from the Goshen Volunteer Fire Company for $1510.00 and the second bid from George A. Biasco for $625.00. On march 25, 1964, the property was sold to the Goshen Volunteer Fire Company for $1510.00.From 1964 until the present, The Fire Department has used the building for a combination of public functions and storage.The Goshen Volunteer Fire Company is currently in the process of restoring the property. With several grants pending with the help of NJ Historic Trust, they will help fund the restoration of the exterior and interior, including the roof,cupola,windows interior walls and floors. The fire company intends to return the building to public use.