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In 2005, there was a terrorist attack in Bali, an Indonesian Island, resulting in the death of Japanese citizens. Ever since this attack and the attack on New York City on September 11 in 2001, Japan has become increasingly involved in their efforts to prevent terrorism in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Over several decades, the UN has formulated thirteen conventions and protocols in which Japan was involved. This series of conventions and protocols regarding anti-terrorism efforts began in 1970 and came to a close in 2016. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made a speech in January 2015 regarding the Middle East, showing his devotion to ending terrorism and establishing peace and tolerance in the Middle East. Over the past few years, Japan has been making tremendous efforts to prevent terrorism in not only the Middle East, but also Africa and Asia. Japan is currently working to prevent terrorism in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Japan expressed and continues to express firm condemnation of terrorism at various occasions such as the G7 Summit Meeting and Ministerial Plenary of the Global Counterterrorism Forum. Japan has also been providing assistance in capacity building for preventing and countering terrorism in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Japan also recently established the Headquarters for the Promotion of Measures Against Transnational Organized Crime and Other Relative Issues and International Terrorism. Japan’s Three-Pillar Foreign Policy Plan provides a three part guideline for countering terrorism. The first pillar is to strengthen counter-terrorism measures. The second is to enhance diplomacy towards stability and prosperity in the Middle East. The third is to provide assistance in creating societies resilient to radicalization. In the future, Japan will work towards peaceful resolutions of conflicts and the consolidation of peace by assisting in reconstruction, sending Peacekeeping Operations, and making diplomatic efforts. We will also work to develop economies that are resilient to terrorism by assisting in poverty reduction and finding and contributing to resolutions of economic and social issues. We will work to develop politics and societies resilient to terrorism by eradicating fundamentalism and creating a moderate civil society. Japan’s goal as a nation is to protect regions like the Middle East, Africa, and Asia from the threat of terrorism and to ultimately replace this violence with tolerance.