In lacking and want to improve myself. So, the

In today’s time, it is very important
for every person who wants to be successful to have/learn a certain set of
traits. A person should have a creative mind that finds better ways of doing a
task. At the same time, a person should be hard working and never compromise on
high standards of work. These were traits that a person requires on a personal
level but there are some that are also required at a social level like
respecting decisions of other people and being engaged with other people to
gain more knowledge. The CORE practice module is a module which aims at
teaching us all these traits.

Talking about myself, I had some
traits from the past, I have learned some of these traits here at Warwick and I
have to learn some more traits during my time here and in the future.

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During the 2 months of this module, I
found out certain areas in which I am lacking and want to improve myself. So,
the areas on which I want to focus are:

Learning how to think more creatively

Enhancing my communication skills

Focusing on important things rather than wasting my energy on irrelevant

I will talk about them in more detail
further in the essay.



Before coming to Warwick, I already
possessed some of the traits like:

Working hard on a project and never compromise high standards: I
developed this quality of doing high-quality work in my mid secondary school.
Either I chose not to do the work but if I chose to do it, I never compromised
on high standards of that work even if I had to work day and night to complete
that task.

Respecting work done by others: I learned this attribute also in my mid
secondary school because I realized the fact that every person tries to put
maximum effort into every work he or she does. And a pinch of appreciation can
enhance that person’s confidence by a million times.


Now I would like to talk about skills
I learned in Warwick till now and areas I would like to focus more on the
completion of the module


The first area is Learning how to
think more creatively:

Customers often prefer old and
trusted brands to buy something that is already present in the market.
Therefore, in today’s world, it is very important to create something new be it
a product or a service so that it can be sold in the market. And to do this a very
creative mind is required. Creative mind means analyzing the world in new ways
to find hidden patterns and to make connections between unrelated phenomena so
as to make something completely new. This has a lot of benefits. Creativity
makes a person think about situations and topics in different ways. This
enables the person to open his/her mind to new possibilities. Not just this but
creativity can make life a lot more fun. Through creativity, most tasks can be
converted to most fun/ interesting activities.

The first time I realized that I have
to work on my brain’s creativity skills was during the LEGO exercise being
performed in the class. I saw everybody creating something or the other form
those LEGO pieces but on the other hand, I made something from those pieces at
the end of the exercise that too because I had to present it to my group. For
me, as an individual, it is very important to think very creatively because I
am doing BSc Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship which is all about how to start
a new business with a product that is either very new in the market or is a
super-enhanced version of an existing product.

In the past, I was not very creative
in my learning process, I was more focused towards rote learning. But after
coming to Warwick I realized the importance of creativity in studies as well as
in in my routine. Here, a person can achieve something only by doing it

Till now I have managed to perform
some tasks creatively like creating an app which will modernize customers
shopping experience and also selling cakes with a completely new marketing
strategy (part of the group projects of other modules). And it was only after I
did my tasks creatively that I realized the thinking potential of my brain. It
was because of all of this that I have understood that a person should not be
born creative. With regular practice, even creativity can be learned. This is
the first step and I aim to have a much more creative mind till the completion
of the course. Some modules in the course I am doing requires students to use
their creative skills and come up with new ideas. And this how I will continue
to learn creativity beyond this module.


The second area is enhancing my
communication skills:

According to me, it is very important
to have good communication skills. This is because of 2 reasons. The first is
that if a person has a great business idea but lacks in communication skills
then he/she will not be able to convince the investors and the people around
about the idea. The second is, that sometimes the idea is not that good but if
the person has good communication skills then he/she can still convince the
investors to invest in the project. This is something that I got to learn from
one of my classmates. He is the laziest person on this planet, he rarely comes
to lectures and does not even attend group meetings but the one thing that
saves him is his communication skills. He presents his content to the audience
in a way which persuades the audience to listen to him and be interested in what
he is talking about. From him, I learned another very important communication
skill that is clarity in speech. It is very important for the audience to
understand what a person is speaking, to believe in his/her idea.


Going back to my school days, my
communication skills were bad. It was when I was 15 years old that I realized
that I had to work on them. Definitely, I worked on it and improved them.
During those 2-3 years, I went to a lot of competitions and even won some
prizes. Until the end of my school days, I had a good reputation among all the
speakers of my school. But then when I came to Warwick I found that there are a
lot better speakers than me and I have to learn a lot from them. I realized
this for the first time during the practice presentation of the CORE module. In
school, I learned how to speak clearly and present my thought to the audience
in a simple way. But after coming to Warwick I got to learn how to speak more
confidently and make my content more interactive so that the audience does not
get bored. Here at Warwick, I have realized that everything is relative, your
skills are measured among the people you are with and not with yourself.
Therefore, in the future, I plan to improve my communication skills by meeting
people who are better in the field of communication and learn their skills.
Other than this I also want to learn how to approach people and talk to them
face to face more fluently which a very important part of communication skills.


The last but not the least area is focusing
on important things rather than wasting my energy on irrelevant tasks:

Most people think too much- that’s
human nature. Our mind is a thought generator which generates thoughts all the
time about endless things. Various neurological studies have shown that an
average person has more than thirty thousand thoughts in a day and almost 80%
of them are classified as useless.

Over the time these negative

Drain us energetically and emotionally

Increase our stress and anxiety levels

•    Undermine our decision-making and confidence

Confuse our thoughts with external reality

I am no other than an average human
being and had these useless thoughts but did not discover this in school.


After coming to Warwick, I made a
friend who is good at everything be it academics or sports and at the same
time, he is a very good analyzer. He was the one who made me realize that I was
wasting a lot of time on useless thoughts. I also inferred that these thoughts
were somewhat affecting my social life and my creative self. I also realized
that this problem also affected my group meets because I sometimes used to be
fussy about certain things, which the team members did not like. So finally, I
started to work on the problem. As I worked on the problem, I was successful in
reducing some amount of useless thoughts, I discovered that I was able to focus
more and complete my work more efficiently. Till now I have managed to solve
this problem of useless thoughts to a very small extent and I aim at eliminating
it completely by stop worrying about small matters and thinking in a more
positive manner and thinking about what actually matters.



To conclude I would like that in the
past my thought process was very unclear. I was the one who used to think about
unnecessary stuff to the next level. This affected my communication skills and
thereby affected my social life. And ultimately this social pressure somewhat
influenced my creative mind. I tried to work on this and succeeded but to a
very small extent. But after coming to Warwick and becoming a part of the CORE
practice module I got a clear direction. I finally understood what was
important and what was not.

At the end, I would like to say that
in just 10 weeks at Warwick got to learn so much about so many things and the
list of more new things I can learn here is endless.