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In Germany, the culture doesn’t allow money talk. People frown upon the discussion of wealth and income, so much so that even research done on this subject has its limit. But Dr. Rainer Zitelmann, of the University of Potsdam doesn’t comply. He set out to tread the German waters that were off-limits, asking a very hushed question; How does one become a multi-millionaire? historian and lecturer, Dr. Zitelmann himself is a self-made millionaire. He spoke with 45 other people who are in the same boat as him. This means that none of his respondents had inherited wealth to become super-rich, but were middle class before reaching the top of the economic ladder.Most Multi Millionaires Had Average Grades We find that although 29 of Zitelmann’s respondents had university degrees, most did not have good grades in school. Hence, education is not always, or the only way towards success. According to Zitelmann, “The achievements in school and university were by no means outstanding among most of the respondents.”He believes that education is not as significant as it is argued to be in making someone rich. For this perspective, he quotes another wealth reasercher, Melanie Böwing-Schmalenbrock; “Access to entrepreneurship is often based on technical and craft skills rather than theoretical knowledge.” To elaborate, Zitelmann explains that it was never theoretical knowledge that got these people among the super-rich, but the practical skills and experiences alongside the interpretations they lessons they took from them.Most Were Into SportsDrawing from Zitelmann’s research, most of his respondents were either former athletes or sports fans. Not only did they share an interest in sports, but also a business mindset that they got in inheritance. Most had a parent that already ran a small scale business, and considering that only 6% of Germany’s population is self-employed, this was an outstanding trend visible in the respondents.It is also true that most of the global millionaires have made use of their talent, skill and creativity to bring something in the market. Only then did they make a fortune off of these ideas.In addition, the respondents revealed that they had all encountered failure at some point in the past. Whether it was once or several times, each self-made millionaire can recount an idea that ended up in the ditch. Yet, they will also confirm that it was due to these failures that they learnt they’re most treasured skills, before eventually using them to become millionaires. In conclusion, Zitelmann’s research proves that it wasn’t so much as education that got most multi-millionaires to the top. Rather it was those real-life skills and practical knowledge that got them there.