In in the Kaltura Media Gallery demonstrates explanation about

In the current world of marketing and promotion, an individual
need to have the skill and knowledge of brand management. The concept of brand
management focuses on the action necessary to conduct promotion of
products/services in an effective manner. For business companies and other
organizations, the particular concept has acquired popularity and prominence.
The lecture videos provided in the Kaltura Media Gallery demonstrates explanation
about the concept of brand management, discussing the various facets of the factor.
With the help of the videos I have gained insight and detailed information
about the different aspects of effective brand management. The videos are
extremely helpful in delivering the actual content of the particular topic ensuring
overall understanding and clarity. Getting familiar with the content has become
convenient for me due to the audio visual method of providing reviewed lessons.


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The videos provided in the Kaltura Media Gallery discusses
in detail about the various factors brand management as a whole. The short and
crisp illustrative facts and information has enabled me to get a clear idea
about the contents of the videos. I think I have acquired the key definition of
brand management and the factors which are important to achieve the former. I have
learnt that organizations and companies need to give significant amount of
emphasis on the factor of brand management. An individual responsible for
promotion and marketing has to be familiar with the concept. It requires
different strategic measures for the purpose. An organization can acquire
popularity and recognition with the help of the factor. It is necessary for the
organization to understand the correct measure for brand management, as it has
the potential to influence and impact the overall reputation of the organization.
I have learnt that brand image and brand identity hold different meanings. Brand
identity is created from the source of the organization whereas brand image
focuses on the consumer perception about the organization.

Brand identity indicates the reality of the firm; it holds
genuine meaning whereas brand image refers to the image which the consumers
possess concerning the organization or company (Kevin Lane Keller, 2012).
Unlike the identity, brand image is not static, it changes as per consumer
opinion. Regarding the point, it is necessary to mention that the organization should
focus on developing and improving brand identity, creation of the positive
brand image would ensue in the process. I have come to acquire the knowledge of
brand identity prism. Kapferer has formulated the theory of the concerned
prism, consisting of some key factors for the accurate success of the prism.

The factor of physique indicates the physical features of
the brand. It focuses on the perception of the product/service of the company.
This is considered as the primary factor to acquire brand identity (Kevin Lane
Keller, 2012). Coca Cola for instance has strong physique. Consumers tend to
recall combination of red and black colour along with the classic bottle shape
of the soft beverage. The features of the brand evoke a sense of happiness and
freshness. The personality aspect stresses strongly on the character of the brand.
It highlights the particular design, feature and style of the company
product/service. Apple has developed strong personality aspect. The company
stands for innovation and creativity. Its product offers features, experience,
rare to find in other electronic brands. The aspect of culture stresses on
fundamental principles and values on the basis of which the company develops
its products. (Kevin Lane Keller, 2012) It also stresses on the communication approach.
Mercedes has succeeded in developing strong cultural presence to attract the consumers.
Mercedes-Benz portrays class and sophistication. Relationship explains the need
for companies to establish good relationship with the consumers. It highlights
the fact that the company is required to value consumers. Lexus, for instance,
gives the treatment of red carpet to its consumers. It assures excellent
service to the consumers. The factor of reflection strives to make connection
with the consumers, focusing on the key causes of identification.

Reflection refers the stereotypical or target consumers of
the brand. Considering the case of Coca Cola, the brand is popular among the
teenagers, the young generation (with values like freshness, friendship,
happiness, enthusiasm and so on). In spite of the fact the target group of consumers
is broad. The company has become successful in making the connection with different
age group. Every individual has the tendency to associate himself or herself
with something or someone, this behaviour gives the importance to the factor of
self-image. Consumers have the tendency to purchase a brand product that would
elevate the status of the self-image of the consumer. An individual who has a
Porsche car would think that he/she is rich because the person can afford to
possess a care that exudes luxury and expense. Lacoste sports products gives a
sense of being in the sports club, when in reality the person is not an active
player. I have come to realise that the organization needs to take the effort
to maintain brand value of the firm. Apart from the quality of the product/service,
it is necessary to influence the brand perception of the consumers. It is
important for the consumers to have the feeling that the product/service is
worth the purchase.

Even after the purchase, the consumer should have the feeling
that the purchase is worthy enough to make repeat purchase from the same company
and visit the same place. The organization need to consider the consequence of
the purchase. The point of importance which I have understood, the
responsibility of the organization does not end simply with the selling of
service/product. It has to give importance about the entire experience of the consumer.
The firm needs to establish connection with the psychological aspect of the individual,
this leads to the significance of brand equity. Instead of focusing solely on
the purchase behaviour and attitude, the firm has to focus on the emotional
aspect of the firm. The fact is true indeed. If an organization is able to entice
the emotional aspect of the consumer, then it possesses the chance of
generating positive consumer perception of the company. As its consequence, the
customer shows the tendency to become loyal to the firm. It is important to
mention that customer loyalty arises when the consumer possess the feeling that
the firm provides service/product to the latter. It is not solely about the
product/service, the firm has to value the customer and have concern about the
welfare and benefit of the individual, and this in turn would enable the
company to get the loyalty of the customer.

The company has to take measure for the purpose. Providing
prompt service and resolving consumer issues, complaints, making good delivery,
pleasant customer care service and so on allows the company to get the loyalty
factor. The consumer has to develop a certain sense of attachment with the
service of the firm as a whole. The organization should keep in mind that the
threat of substitutes is always present in the market. Hence, it is necessary
for the organization to provide such as excellent service from every aspect
that the consumer does not fell the requirement or the interest to search for
other options.

Taking the content of the video into consideration, I
believe I have understood the necessity of conducting a good brand identity.
The successful presentation of the brand image leads to the factor of positive
brand image. While trying to fulfil the objective, it is essential for the organization
to give importance to the functionality. A good brand focuses on the necessity
of conducting smooth and functionality. The point can be explained with the
help of relevant examples. Companies such as Apple, Mercedes-Benz, Coca Cola,
Burberry and Cadbury have become successful brands in respective business
fields. Apple electronic devices and gadgets are known to give excellent user
experience. An individual having Apple phone and laptop would not have the
interest to use other company products. The beverage products of Coca Cola have
acquired global consumers irrespective of age group of consumers. I have come
to understand that the perceived quality of brand does not indicate the same
meaning as consumer satisfaction. Consumer satisfaction is based on the quality
products whereas perceived quality indicates the overall service or product quality.
I think it is very much important for the organizations to make the effort to
improve overall brand identity. If the organization does not take the required
strategic measure to enhance brand value, the with time the company would
generate the risk of losing the brand quality as a whole. It is true that the
measure might not seem essential at present however it would ensure the
long-term goal of the firm to get acknowledgment and experience popularity of
the company product/service.

In my opinion I prefer audio-visual learning along the
assistance of the teacher in front. This would allow the learning individual to
ask question about the content. In order to draw and arrange the key factors
discussed throughout the videos of presented in the concerned gallery, I
believe it is appropriate to use the mind mapping. It would be helpful to
indicate and arrange the major themes along with sub-themes for better
understanding of the study. Considering the videos provided for the assessment,
the key theme is the concept of brand management. The two branches of
importance of the theme is brand identity and brand image. It is necessary to
mention that the factor of brand identity leads to the achievement of brand
image. Discussion is made about the six factors of brand identity prism, personality,
culture, self-image, physique, reflection and relationship. The other
sub-themes are brand equity, brand loyalty and perceived quality.

The videos have helped me to get clear comprehension of the
different aspects of brand management. In spite of the fact I think it would
have been better of the animations were used in the videos to make the content
interesting and effectively informative in the process. During the discussion
of the different key aspects, useful facts could have incorporated to make the
information look further understandable. In the initial video, I did not find
the images of Madonna relevant with the particular topic of discussion. However,
it is true that the author successfully explained the key things necessary for
the appropriate understanding of the topic. I agree with the author that the
physique of the product is very much important to get customer attention and
interest. I think the videos which are provided in the Kaltura Media Gallery
for explanation of the topic holds sufficient information. I would like to add
an introductory part to provide an overview of the topic. I think it is
necessary to allow the audience to get a primary idea about the topic at a
glance. Inclusion of a conclusive section would be helpful. The particular
section would allow the audience to recall the major discussion points of the
concerned topic. In this way, it would be comparatively convenient for the
audience to keep track of the information of entire study material as a whole.


In conclusion, I believe the videos discussing the different
facets of brand management In conclusion, I believe the videos discussing the
different facets of brand management has helped me to a considerable extent to
understand about the topic with full clarity. The materials that are provided
have enabled me to get thorough knowledge of the particular topic. After the completion
of the videos I have understood the difference between brand identity and
image. I have come to the conclusion that brand identity defines the identification
of the organization. The organization take the effort to create its identity
along with a definite message. It refers to the actual goal and objective of
the company. Brand identity consists of several key factors, important for
companies or organizations to consider for effective brand management. It is
important for the organizations give importance on factors such as physique,
relationship, reflection, personality, culture and such in order to enable the
organization to develop its company name as a successful brand concerning customer
perception. The company has to give stress on factors such as brand loyalty,
brand equity, perceived quality. It is necessary for the organizations to give
proper meaning while constructing the symbol, design of the company logo.