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In terms of working on the presented research dedicated to the case of IKEA, much attention was paid to the development of the most powerful Sweden furniture manufacturer that appears to be one of the most well-known in the whole world. Without a doubt, IKEA is oriented to the external market. The main strategy of this company focuses on the provision of the high-quality services to its customers and the realization of their household needs. As a result, simplicity and quality has become the core concepts of this economic player. Thus, the leading goal of this paper is to provide critical examination of the competitive strategy proposed by the company and analyze the distinguishing characteristics of its economic activity.
Conventionally, IKEA is considered one of the most affordable companies, which propose the high-quality products. Owing to low prices and the reliable image of a supplier, IKEA succeeded in gaining the principal position in the global market. Its strategic capabilities are cheap resources and favorable competencies. Subsequently, this approach serves as a powerful instrument, which helps to strengthen the place of IKEA at the international arena (McKeough, 2017). This company is rather famous among the majority of customers, which pertain to the different categories of the population. The low price of the products makes them attractive to the middle and low classes, while stylish and laconic design is appreciated by the higher class as well. According to the recent statistics, this enterprise holds a dominant position in the field of furniture, receiving positive characteristics in terms of quality and affordability (IKEA, 2014). Finally, the chain of supply also seems to be efficient, as it has not received any kind of criticism in the latest period.

IKEA proves the major player in the furniture market worldwide. Low prices and attractive design of its products are appreciated by many people. The gigantic enterprise is efficiently managed, including its supply chain on which the whole business highly depends.

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