In drug abuse as adolescents (Steele, 2010). In fact,

            In June 2017, Malaysia was
attacked by the news of the students of Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia
(UPNM) which was bullied till death by his fellow friends. As stated by Zack W.
Van, bullying builds characters like nuclear waste creates superheroes. It is a
rare occurrence and often does much more damages than endowment. To be precise,
bullying will destroy humanism in a person. Bullying have affected the bullies,
the bullied and the bystanders.

and foremost, bullying will affect the bullied mentally, physically and socially.
Bullying mentally can be in form of insulting a person or talking down to the
other person. As a result, it will lower the victim’s self-esteem. For the
person that have been constantly bullied, they might traumatized from the
previous experiences. In addition, trauma is dangerous as it could affect the
whole life of the bullied as stated by William E. Copeland, the physiological
damage will leave the consequences although the person grew up and is no longer
bullied (Walton, 2013).The main effect of bullying
is physical effects. Physical bullying leaves scars to the victim. The worst
scenario that we can imagine is bullying may lead death. For instance, we see
and hear from news, school children are unconscious after being beaten by their
friends and college students are warded after being attacked by their acquaintances.
Next, bullying will affect the bullied socialization. The victim will have
difficulties to fit into the crowded because they have bad memories from past.
They tend to be suspicious to the people around them and try to avoid from the
public because they never know who can be the attacker and victim (Martin, 2012). Thus, the victim of
bullying can be affected in form of mental, physical and socialization.

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have great impact to the bullies because the bullies can be anyone from the
society as long as they have their target. The person who bullies the others
will become more abusive and have tendency to involve with social problems. It
is unclear how much the behavior in which bullies engage contributes to their
emotional problems, and how much of it is simply symptomatic of other troubles.
However, the bullies are at higher risk for alcohol and drug abuse as
adolescents (Steele, 2010). In fact, they do not
have any fear and exposed themselves in public.  Even though such acts are rarely reported in the media, vandalism occurred
one in three schools each year. In 1990 more than $600 million in damage to
school property was caused by vandals (Petrocelli, 2007). The bullies
also may be anti-social person because they were isolated by the community.
With their aggressive behavior, they will have less people to interact and
share their concerns. In brief, bullying also affects the bullies in term of
their behavior and their social activities.

Besides, the other group that affected
by bullying is the bystanders. The bystanders that do nothing will be guilty
towards the bullied and the bullies. Although they know that they should prevent
the bullying, they just pass by without any actions as they are afraid to say anything because they fear
embarrassment or ridicule. They choose to remain silent because they worry that
they will say or do the wrong thing and make the bullying worse (Gordon, 2016).
The observers will stress if they have to go through this every day. They have
to face all the guilty and have to overcome themselves. This will also increase
their anxiety and depression as they think that they might be the next target. In
conclusion, bullying will also affect the bystanders in many ways.


In a nutshell, the bullies, the bullied and the
bystanders are the one that is affected by bullying. Each of them affected
physically, mentally and socially. This proves that bullying give more
disadvantages than the benefits to the society.