In Dan Gross, Gross gains credibility by stating that

In a perfect world, gun violence would be nonexistent, families would not have to say goodbye to their loved ones or have to change the rest of their lives because of a tragedy. As Dan Gross was growing up, he began to be attached to the idea of advertising and was successfully able to fulfill his passion by landing a job with the New York ad agency. Unfortunately, due to a tragedy in his family, Gross’ little brother was shot in the head. After this incident, Gross changed his career path and became an activist for gun control. In a recent Ted Talk titled, “Why Gun Violence Can’t Be Our New Normal,” by Dan Gross, Gross gains credibility by stating that he has changed his career path and is now devoting his life studies to reduce the number of gun deaths in the United States by showing the similarities between advertising and gun violence. Gross effectively convinces the audience that the people of the United States need to take action to reduce the number of gun deaths. He does this by creating a very sympathetic tone that is carried throughout the talk as well as providing statistics that support his efforts to reduce gun deaths and violence in the United States.To begin, Gross talks about his little brother Matt who was caught in a shooting on the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Matt was extremely lucky and only suffered a traumatic brain injury, but most families dealing with an incident like this are not as lucky. Gross then goes into more detail, specifically about the “900 teens that take their own lives every year.” These teens normally have one thing in common, they “almost all were with a parent’s gun.” To provide a possible solution, Gross suggests that Brady background checks should be implemented everywhere a gun is sold. As a course of action, Gross has already had a total of fifteen-thousand citizens call Congress in an effort to have a vote on gun control.Starting with the incident sparked the change of careers in Gross’s life. Gross and many other families that are associated with a tragedy due to gun violence all have many different outcomes, but they all share one common characteristic, they are all “thrown into the middle of a nightmare.” Gross describes these incidents as a “nightmare.” If he had not described gun violence as a nightmare the audience would not have had the same emotional effects as if he used a different word such as dream or situation. The use of langue throughout the talk helps to capture the audience’s emotions to effectively show that gun violence is a serious issue that needs to be stopped to slim in the future.During the course of the year, there are numerous incidents that are all related to gun violence. Most of these incidents go unrecognized due to the mass number of gun violence daily. While giving this talk, Gross touches on the topic of how many families are affected by gun violence daily. On average, there are “90 families every day who aren’t as fortunate, who lose loved ones.” Gross also begins to talk about how the incidents “largely go unnoticed to a nation that’s kind of come to accept a disgraceful national epidemic.” The way Gross uses statistics is very powerful. Although there are less than one-hundred effected each day, the immensity of this statement is coupled with the emotional aspect of losing someone who you love. Gross shows that there are thousands of families that are affected by gun violence each year and each year this could be prevented.To further support his claims, Gross goes into extensive detail about how anyone in the United States is allowed to purchase a firearm of any kind. Although most of all gun sales undergo a background check, “there shouldn’t be thousands of gun sales every day at gun shows or online without those Brady background checks, just like there shouldn’t be two lines to get on an airplane – one with security and one with no security.” A Brady background check goes into a great deal of detail into the persons past, looking at their mental health to who they are as a person. At this point in the talk, Gross uses a humorous analogy to uplift this serious matter. Comparing background checks to airport safety proves to the audience that there shouldn’t be two ways to purchase any kind of weapon.As a possible effective solution, Gross provides information about how he made a historic change in history. Recently, after the tragedy in San Bernardino, Gross and many others “put fifteen-thousand calls into Congress in 24 hours” and “got a vote on a bill that nobody thought was going to see the light of day anytime soon.” Congress is always very busy with a variety of cases that could lead to the failure or waiting of an important issue. Gross shows that if many people gather together to work and fight for an ethical issue there will be a change in the near future.Unfortunately, since I can remember gun violence has been a part of our daily lives, on the news and other forms of social media. In a recent Ted Talk, Dan Gross expresses his opinion on gun violence and how he would like it to be fixed in the future. Gross effectively convinces the audience that there needs to be a change in the way guns are being handled in the United States. Being a family member of a victim and devoting his life to helping support the control of firearms, he gains a great deal of credibility. Gross uses a large amount of emotional appeal due to the issues at hand. Talking to a large group of people about death or tragedies grab the audience’s attention due to the emotions attached to it. He also uses statistics to represent the large amounts of people and families that are affected by gun violence daily and yearly. Gross concludes his talk by presenting a logical and ethical way of trying to gain control over guns in the near future and would like to see gun violence be a thing of the past.