In been attending the lectures as the tutor explained

In this assignment,
I am going to focus on the journey I have experienced from starting the module until
the finish. I will also be discussing where I have improved and how this
affected my studies and my own personal development.



In my first assignment
(transferable skills) I found quite difficult as I joined the course later that
everyone else and this assignment had already been set to the other student’s.

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I had also missed lectures on the topic (transferable skills) and also other
useful lectures such as referencing so this effected my studies and made the assignment
more difficult as I have never used APA referencing style improve my
knowledge on referencing I booked myself a tutorial which made the assignment much
easier for me as I had an understanding on how to reference because this assignment’s
main focus was on referencing   


For my second
and third assignment, I found that they were a lot easier as I had been
attending the lectures as the tutor explained what needed to be covered in the tutor was very helpful as she had a look at my (C.R.E.A.M) assignment
and she gave me feedback before submitting the assignment. I found the feedback
to be quite helpful as it enabled me to prepare a much better assignment.


On my
(C.R.E.A.M and Critical Writing) assignment I thought I done quite well as I identified
the main focus in my assignment’s. I thought that my introductions were very
good and this enabled me to start my assignment’s and have a flow through the assignment
as I was expanding on what I had put in to my introduction.



However, in my
future assignment’s I need to spend more time doing research around the topic
and produce more references as I found this difficult than when I was in
college as i wasn’t really required to reference my work the way I have to in
higher education. I also felt I could have done more research on my assignment’s
by doing this I could have used books on the reading list or I could have used
more journals rather than just using the internet.


For me to
develop my research skills I have realised how to gather data and also how to
research journals using search engines such as google scholar, Jstor, Moodle,
Sheffield library ProQuest and also using the library more constructively.


Moodle and the University
library have helped me a great deal as Moodle has allowed me to access my
lecture slides, my assignment briefs, feedback, deadlines and reading list that
will help me a tremendously in my assignment’s. The University’s library has
been a great help as I am able to access materials in regard to my assignment’s
through searching this on an online library as it has a lot of resources such
as journals, publications and magazines and it gives a wide range of academic
titles which helps me research information faster this makes it easier to find
the appropriate addition to this I have also bought some books
on my reading list to help my development and my studying.