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In the last century, the technology has changed over the years for the better. In the early 20th century the only way people can get information such as the news was from the newspaper. The newspaper was the only communication around the city. At that time there was a popular journalist named in New York named William Randolph. He wrote papers by using a certain style called yellow journalism. Newspapers today are still being printed but most people don’t buy them in the 20th century due to the television and internet. Other than newspapers, magazines were also a popular way to get information. One of the most known magazine companies at that time was McClure’s and Collier’s magazines. In the mid-1920s, the radio and televisions became more popular than the newspaper because now people can actually hear and see about what is happening around the United States. The most popular subject on the radio was about the war. Thousands of people had love ones fighting in world war two and it were the best way to keep up by listening to someone live speaking continuously about the war. Other than the news there were also radio talk shows and a station to listen to the president speaking about the states or even any kind of emergencies. After the radio; the television became very popular by looking at people speaking in front of a camera on a black and white television. Out of all the presidents in the United States the very first president race add was from Dwight Eisenhower campaign.  During the campaign, there was a television debate and it was claimed that John Kennedy won the debate just because he looked better on live television then Richard Nixon. In 1939, the first television commercial was broadcasted from the New York World’s Fair. The regular television was broadcast in 1941 by NBC network. The personal home computers was introduced in 1977 and laptop computers in 1981. The computer has showed people how to communicate with people around the world with the internet in which started in 1989. This gave millions of people in the United States Instant communication and instant access to information became available to anyone who could afford the cheapest of computers or had a library card Saltzman, Joe (2002). In America culture, the United States only communicated orally before the television was invented. There was so muchinformation to be shared in the American culture but their knowledge and information need to be spread around the United States moved very slowly. Books was the only communication in the 1400s but only the most wealthy people had access to them n which was not even ten percent of the United States at that time. After printing was invented, this made people be more independent and didn’t have to listen to people such as the teacher or anyone who tell people stores about things that happen around the United States. Printing gave people in American culture jobs and in the middle class. Another way people communicated in American culture was the telegraph in which gave people instant communication instead of waiting for a letter to be delivered via mail transported. Media convergence is when many different types of media is put together. One example of media convergence is putting together is the newspaper and margining it on the internet for people to read online. Even books are online currently to read on items such as the tablets while on the go. The most convenient thing about it is that the paperback books can get ripped or wet due to accidents. What’s great about the internet is that the information’s such as the book can be saved in many different way so even if the tablet is lost, it can be found like new instead of lost forever. Another form of media convergence is media makers in which is having one corporation own and operate a different media. One example is when a business owns a mass amount of media such as the television station, newspaper, and online news sites but put all the news information on all media. Out of all the media, the internet is the best thing invented in the United States.