Implementation an artificial surrounding or reality, it varies in


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VR has been a technology to
take computing or science to a next level. As the VR has the feature to create
an artificial surrounding or reality, it varies in many applications.

It can be positively
effective in tourism and marketing sector. It can help to take tourism to the
next level. It can be used for providing more information about tourist areas
and hotels in advance way. People can select the hotel or the tourist site
neither by 2D nor by 3D but by experiencing the same environment without
leaving the four walls with the help of VR headsets. This can help a lot for
the tourist to be aware about the places so that they won’t have any problems
there. With the feature to have the experience of being in that specific
location tourist get more attracted.

But there is also more for
hotels, as the user can look at the rooms of the hotels in a clear point of
view so that they are not being or getting into problems.



For the implementation of
VR in Tourism sector certain planning are to be done. The site should have a 3D
representation to obtain clear view of it. The limitations and drawbacks like
undesirable elements of the site designs can be alleviated with VR. Then all
the related information is to be processed in computer systems. Important
information such as the geographical features, attractions, infrastructures etc
are to be utilized by a designer to create a Virtual Tourist site so that
probable tourist can enter it and interact. (Horan & Donaill, 1996)



The primary needs required
for VR development are:-

For the appropriate environment it
has to have the capacity of a high frame rate (15Hz  or better) and low latency.

The design of the environment
should not have any difficulties while adapting new configuration of a

For the application to run
smoothly, the Application Programming interface (APIs) should be designed

As for the software dVISE
is to be used for creating high-level Virtual Reality. It is important for
importing CAD data to create virtual projects.

At last, for the hardware,
dVISE supports a 2D viewing and also has navigation interface with the help of
NetScape Navigator plugin. And for navigation, #D viewing is supported with
stereo glasses. Equipment such as head-mounted displays, the Cave, the
FakeSpace BOOM and the Immersive WorkBench are needed to support fully
immersive Virtual Environment.

(Bierbaum & Just, 1998)









Summary of key findings

Virtual Reality is a
technology or medium to enter in other dimension. It has no boundaries in terms
of creation or it is only limited till user’s wish. Also it modifies the
virtual world according to user’s wish.

At this time, VR is being
applied in sectors like: Military, medicine, design, arts, communication
entertainment etc. VR is being used for teaching students by making complex
data accessible to them. Virtual Reality Domain offers reliability, speed,
ease, compactness etc. 

In the context of Nepal ,
VR stations has been established in different malls and are catching eyes of
people through social media advertisement. Kessy group are the one to introduce
those stations in Nepal.

In the other hand, three
students having interest in Virtual Reality with help of another co-founder
created Nepal VR, the first VR application in Nepal.

For implementing VR in
Nepal a lot has to be done, like related environment’s information has to be
processed in computer. dVISE is used create high level environment.

At last, VR is the start of
a new era of computer technology and entertainment.






Future escalation

Virtual Reality has been a
technology which has caught attention all around the world. It’s not a ending
point of VR but in future it develop more features .Due to its varying features
it will be more advance from now and will have more importance in our life than
it is now.

                        Implementation of VR will be on personal
development in the coming days. Users will be able to experience difficult
situation and it will be the starting of the end of fear, stage fright,
nervousness, low confidence etc. Human will be able to achieve mental strength
or achievements through the use of technology.

VR will have great role in
entertainment sector because of its 360o 
view; Sensorial channel enhancement and making the user enter the
virtual world. Virtual world will have limitless boundaries making it more
useful to people and covering sectors like making people fall in sleep,
entertainment for physically disabled people etc.

VR has started to make
influence in gaming and with the pace of the development and improvement of it,
VR based gaming consoles, simulator, games etc, will be developed in high
graphics providing more interactivity in game. This will be a new revolution in
the gaming history where the user will be enter in the game world and interact.