Immigration western developed country. In 2016 alone Canada has

Immigration in Canada



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Thanks to globalization the world has never been better. All because of less and less war, dropping poverty rate, and better quality of life. It’s not happening in all the country but globally it is improving slowly and steadily. Some countries decided to refuse openness but on the other hand Canada welcomes it. Canada is one of the most attractive poles for immigration. Canada accepts immigrants more than any western developed country. In 2016 alone Canada has accepted more than three hundred thousand immigrants which is almost 1% of total population of Canada. And what is more surprising is this isn’t something new, it has been going on for 2 decades. And because of that one of every five Canadians ware born abroad. And for a fact Canada is mostly built on immigrants. Where Canada is accepting more and more immigrants in their country some countries are actually banning them from entering the country. Those countries think letting more immigrants to their countries will risk the social and economic security and stability of their country. A good example will be Canadas closest neighbor united states of America. But on the contrary, Canada thinks that letting more immigrants in the country is the key to the Canadas prosperity and to replace their aging population with new blood and talents.



Immigration can be advantageous for Canada because, it brings new people for Canadas aging population, brings new skills and creates new job markets for Canadians



Increasing immigrants create new businesses and job markets to cope with their needs and wants.

1) To keep up the increasing immigrant population of Canada they need more houses, schools, hospitals, and infrastructures. To build these infrastructures they need a huge workforce. And more workforce means fewer unemployment rates. Which is great for the economy.


2)To keep those infrastructures and industries running and going we need more labor force. And bringing more immigrants can supply those needed labors. Increased labor means increased income tax collection for the country which can be used for the development of the country


3)By bringing more immigrants in Canada they are bringing more cultures and diversity with them. And to fulfill their demands of cultural needs and wants they can create new businesses and industries for them. Which will create more jobs and need of labors.



“We are a nation of immigrants, a quilt of many colors, and we’ve managed over more than two centuries to create a way of life that allows for a reasonable degree of upward mobility, that prizes individual liberty, promotes freedom of religion and genuinely values equal rights for all citizens.” – Jay Parini (1948, American Writer)



To continue the upward development of Canada we should work together with immigrants as we have for decades. And welcome more immigrants.







By letting more immigrants into Canada their bringing more skilled workers and entrepreneurs to the country.

1)Due to the Canadas immigration requirements, more than 50% of Canadian immigrants are highly educated. Which can be a great asset for the country and its economy.


2)Bringing more immigrants mean bringing more creative minds. Which brings innovations. And that can be used to bring more innovative product and service technologies for society and the country.


3) since there are more people are retiring from work than joining in the Canadian industries and offices, these highly skilled workers can be put to work in industries that already exist and in needs of the skilled workers. Which will help the industries to grow and bring more revenues.



“If we are going to be able to keep our commitments for health care and pensions and all our social programs and to continue to grow our economy and meet our labor market needs in the decades to come, we must respond to this clear demographic challenge,” Ahmed Hussen (1976, Canadian lawyer)



For the development of Canada and to keep the economy growing we need to bring skilled workers to Canada. Immigration can play a crucial part to this. We need to create more jobs and businesses for the growing needs of the country.





Immigration can play an important role in recovering Canada’s aging population by letting more immigrants into the country.

1)according to 2016 census there are more seniors than children in Canada’s population. And to bring new and young blood to Canada’s population immigrants are much needed.


2)because of the high cost of living in Canada, people are having fewer babies to replace them. And the long-term effect of these can cause population decline. Which can significantly hurt the economy of the country. And to avoid that immigrants are needed.


3)Due to the low population in Atlantic regions of Canada the economy has been constantly dropping for those regions. And because of that people are leaving or avoid to settle there. Those regions need more immigrants and job markets to have a stable economy. So that it can attract more people to those regions. it is the only way to heal the declining population In Atlantic Canada




“You want to have kids in high-quality daycares, then you want them to have good educations, and you want them to be in hockey and ballet and music lessons and so on,” she said. “When you add it all up … people say ‘oh my gosh this is a costly venture.”



Since Canada is an expensive country to live in, many people want to have fewer babies. Increasing rent and living expense makes it harder to have babies.




Despite many countries have refused to take more immigrants, Canada has welcomed them. They opened their hearts for the immigrants. And did it for good reasons. Countries should take more immigrants because Not only they can aid the economy of a country but because of the diversity and culture, they bring with them. Developed countries should not refuse openness to the immigrants instead they should understand their positions and bring more immigrants to their country. For which I am very proud to be a Canadian for how welcoming and open-minded my county is to the people who want to come and work in Canada.







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Definition: going to a foreign country permanently to live and work Is immigration


Canada accepted 300k immigrants in 2016 alone

Highest immigration flow among OCED

Most immigrants are highly skilled

Need immigrants for aging population of Canada

More people is retiring than joining

Creates more jobs

More seniors than children


Immigration can be advantageous for Canada because, it brings new people for Canadas aging population, brings new skills and creates new job markets for Canadians


Canada shouldn’t bring more immigrants because it will risk social and economic security of the country and because of the language barrier they will bring.


Canada should follow America and ban the immigration because they can bring terrorist with them, still Canadian job markets and disrupt Canadian economy



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