Imagine, was in site and almost all of the

Imagine, going on a long journey to return to everyone mysteriously gone. This is what happened to poor old John White in 1586. He left on a journey gather more supplies, then returns to find all his people gone and only one main clue to help him discover why everyone is missing. He worked so hard to colonize this curious group. Many theories have been made to try and conclude this head aching mystery. Failed sailing and tribe adoption are just two ways that archaeologists have tired to conclude. A failed sailing trip to being adopted by a friendly tribe to even being murdered by a Spanish tribe are only three theories that have been questioned.John White was a well trusted man. He got the opportunity to sail with Richard Grenville to what is now North Carolina. Richard chose him to help lead and construct a new colony. In 1585, their group of 116 interested travelers left from England to discover new land and colonize. When they finally arrived, disaster struck. Their food supply ran out, livestock died and supplies was running out. John knew he had to do something so he rounded up the remaining 63 people and traveled to a new island. John ended up to be the co leader, map maker and artist on the expedition. Everyone sailed off one April 14, 1586. After a long year, John was forced to go on a long three year journey to report their progress and gather more men and supplies. His expedition took three years. When he finally returned, he found that no one was in site and almost all of the supplies was gone. He had to try and discover what had happened to all his people and only has one major clue to help.To begin, theory one is what the anthropologists think that all of the hopeless colonists were murdered by a close Spanish group. Scientist have guessed that since John was gone, there was no one to give instructions and lead the group, because of this the travelers wandered of to find help. When they found the Spanish tribe they tried to communicate but failed, causing everyone to be shot and killed. To explain the mystery of why everyone’s houses and things were gone is mabey the Spanish invaded and killed everyone, then robbed the settlers. To explain why no bodys were found, is it is possible that sense the Spanish were known for hiding bodys well, everyone was dispersed around the island or maybe even on other islands. My next theory is all the people might have been absorbed be a neighboring, friendly tribe. The Croatan tribe was known for being a friendly group. This statement would explain why the word “Croatan” was carved into the trunk of a tree. This was the main clue that John returned to find. The story behind this theory is, the explorers might have met the tribe and traded items to become friends. Then, as they gathered more and more, they both became great friends. This means the tribe most likely showed their neat tricks to hunting and growing crops. The new colonist might have wanted to become apart of their tribe. They learned their culture and was adopted into the Croatan tribe. This would clarify why there was no sign of struggle. Although this might sound like a reliable story the fact of how most of the supplies disappeared and  why they wouldn’t come back for John.My last theory is the colony became frightened and tried to sail home, but failed. I believe this is the most reliable theory that has been proven. The settlers might have been frightened without John or everyone ran out of supplies so they tried to sail back home but got caught in a storm. Another possibility is they all might of wanted to sail to the island of Croatan to restart a colony again. This would elucidate why the word “Croatan” was carved into the tree trunk. It is possible that someone was leaving John a note of where they were going. A major fact is, in 2004, old pots, buttons, and scraps of metal have been found on the shore of the island of Roanoke. Studies have shown that the remains have might of washed upon shore if the ship that the voyagers tried to sail had sunk. Another fact is, sense most of the houses have been dismantled and why all of the tools were gone. Also because there were no bodies found there is the possibility that all of them are at the bottom of the ocean.   Many theories were made based on the little facts that were made on the mystery of John and his lost colony. The murderous Spanish, being adopted be a friendly tribe and shipwreck are only three theories that have been an idea of how the mysterious story has happened. I can relate by in the world there are many mysteries that need to be concluded by one person with the right DNA to prove one theory. If fact you could be the missing link that the scientist have been looking for! You could hold the DNA that would conclude all their theories to the missing colony of Roanoke!