IGNsowhiteAge14 can put anything from 7-10 hours in. I

IGNsowhiteAge14 (yes I am young, but I can prove to you I am mature and will take staff seriously)TimezoneEstCountryUnited StatesDo you have a good quality mic?Yes I have a Logitech G930 WirelessDo you have Telegram & Teamspeak?Yes I have both Telegram and Teamspeak. My telegram @ is @sowhite. I am also familiar with the teamspeak and I don’t know as much about telegram but have used it a few times recently.How many hours can you put in the server per week?I can put in up to 5-7 hours a day on the weekdays. During the weekends I can put anything from 7-10 hours in. I will always try to make a SOTW and EOTW. If I can not make it then I will let someone know through telegram. During the winter I have basketball so that will take an hour but I will still put in around 5-7 hours a day.Any previous punishments on Faithful?I’ve done stupid things in the past and yes I have had a few tempbans and I think two bans which were later known to be false and I was unbanned. One of the bans was from me butterfly clicking and getting high cps of around 20, they banned me thinking I was using an obvious autoclicker when I later told them it was me butterflying and they ss’ed me and I was clean. The second ban was recently when I was streaming I was “pranked” by yungsaphars and he told me he thought I was cheating and banned me. The tempbans were for block glitching mostly which I know isn’t allowed but it is so tempting when they are naked that my greed for that 1 kill overwelms me. Recently I only blockglitched and was punished for it on kitmap which I know still isn’t allowed but it annoys me getting trapped and killed on kitmap constantly. I am working on following the more simple rules better. I’ve also been warned and muted many times sometimes I was testing something new like the /rename update where if it is a blacklisted name you get muted for 3 hours. I don’t remember many mutes and their reasons but I have been warned quite a bit. Like I said above I am trying to comply with the more simple rules. I’ve argued with a few staff members because I was mad that I died to a non legit reason but didn’t get revived. Overall loved the staff on here though and their punishments were fair. I’ve also been muted by console MANY MANY times for spam because on practice I try and do redrovers and teamfights and spam to join my party.Any past experiences in being a staff member?ExoRegionsThis is a server that got only around 10-20 players. It was very small but had quite a big of hackers and had some bugs where people can dupe. This was a great experence as it showed me how do deal with people abusing glitches and bugs. I was only helper and have proof of me being staff on here https://gyazo.com/404c6b12b1b5a2aef78dc8fde187bdbbHysteria/BasicPvPI’ve been Mod on Hysteria/BasicPvP in early 2016 when it had a player base of around 200-300.Snakedaoust was the owner. I normally would ban autoclickers and obvious clients like bhopping and killaura on pracitce. The owner really liked me and this is where I got lots of experience as a Mod. I made friends with ALL the staff members and they all enjoyed me being staff. The players also liked me a lot because of how active I was and how I was the main staff member banning cheaters on practice and kitpvp. Sadly I do not have proof of me being staff on here as I didn’t have a youtube channel at the time and didn’t have any screenshots on my old computer of me being mod on here.RealHcfI’ve been Admin on a small hcf server called RealHcf it had around a 50 player base. There was a lot of xrayers and bhoppers on here I got a lot of bans as there was not a lot of active staff. This server was’nt the most successful as it was only up for 2 maps, but I was friendly those 2 maps to all players and staff and gave them the upmost respect. I think the server has shut down but not sure it may have come up but a new owner. I didn’t keep up with this server after it shut down, I thought it was gone forever. Unfortunately I do not have proof of me being staff on RealHcf because I didn’t upload on my youtube channel and used my laptop at the time after my computer broke and I had around 2 months using a laptop waiting for my new computer.TimelessPvPI’ve been Mod on a factions server called TimelesPvP it had around a 1000 player base sometimes up to 1500 players. Big YouTubers such as SSundee and Vikkstar123 played on it from around 2012-2014. Lots of flyers, xrayers and players with kill aura cheated on here. There was realms/servers that you had Mod on that only. I was mod on a realm called medieval. I made friends with lots of players and helped a lot in ts and in game. I answered lots of the questions asked in chat. I helped a lot on the forums keeping up with staff apps and suggestions or bugs. This was back in 2013-2014 so I don’t even remember if I had a youtube channel or if I had one just to watch videos but I do not have proof.ChaincraftI’ve also been Tmod on a server called Chaincraft. It was a small factions/hcf. The players ranged from 50-120 players. Most cheaters were bhoppers, flyers and people with killaura. This was a different experience then an HCF server. It was a mix of HCF and factions. It was mainly factions but with a DTR system and an end to farm pearls. On here I made lots of friends with staff and players. I have proof of me being trial mod on here https://gyazo.com/0c38c3397990d52d466cd15134508e24Why do you want to become staff?I personally think I am a very fair and good staff member. I have lots of experience and enjoy staffing on servers. Also I am a hard worker and will obey the rules. I will report any abuse if there is any. I will not be biased, I will be fair. I’ve been on quite a lot on Faithful and it’s really fun. I am excited to play Origins. Also I want to be able to record a staff series on here as I think it will be good for my channel which is dying. The staff team seems good and I know a few admins and other staff. I am dedicated and responsible to the servers I staffed on. I’ve had lots of experience as I’ve had minecraft since 2012 and played HCF since shotbow map 26. I am friendly to all players and staff members and all my respect to them. If there is any reports I will tp to them and see if the person reported is breaking the rules in any way. I am extremely excited about Origins and since I’ve played hcf for quite a long time I want the old hcf to come back. Faithful Clans and Speed are very fun also but I’ve been losing interest in them and want to see what it is like being the people who help those servers instead of being the players that play on it.Why should we accept you as staff?DedicationI have lots of dedication to faithful as if I get staff I will have to be active and effective. Like I have said multiple times I have played faithful for a long time and love the server. I played almost every map that comes out.Support RoomsI will do my job of moving people in Teamspeak and helping them. Honestly this server has probably the most active staff in Teamspeak as you almost get moved instantly when you join Speed, Clans, Guilds or Kits support waiting room.ScreensharingI am familiar on how to screenshare. I know how to find autoclickers, vape, reach mods. I’ve had both a windows and mac computer and am familiar on how to screenshare on both. I know how to use applications like ProcessHacker2 (Strings) and Luyten (Showcases Java).RecordingI will record everything as I have a youtube channel and it has been dying. I’ve always wanted staff on faithful because of how long I have been playing it. I would love to do a staff series and I will record every ban, warn or mute just to have proof if the player thinks it is false.FamiliarI am very familiar with the server. I have been playing faithful since map 7. I know lots of staff and I know the rules well. I know players and understand how the plugins work. I know how the TeamSpeak works and what my job in that is.FairnessI will be fair and explain everything to the players. I will not be biased and I will do as I am told. I will not disobey any rules of abusing, being biased or lying to players and other staff members. I will respect both staff and players as they both contribute to the server. Without players faithful wouldn’t be a thing and without staff faithful would have more cheaters.EXAMPLES(1) If this is an issue between players. 1 player is claiming a faction DTR evaded. I will ask for proof. If there is no proof I will say sorry I can’t help without proof. If there is proof. I will set the DTR to the faction that DTR evaded to the correct DTR that they should be and punish them with whatever the punishment is on this server. If they come into ts I will move them and explain why they have been punished and DTR set to what it is. If they say it was false I will hear there side of the story and either come to a conclusion or ask another staff what they think and what should be the conclusion.(2) If a staff member is abusing. I will make sure they are abusing and it is not just a false claim. I then will come to a conclusion if this is abuse or a claim. If a claim I will simply disregard it. If it is abuse I will then have proof and show it to a high staff member/Owner. If I cannot get proof I will tell a high staff member/Owner that I think that the staff member is abusing and you should check it out.(3) If I think a players is cheating I will freeze them, tell them to join ts. If they don’t join ts for 5 minutes I will ban the player for refusal to ss. If the player joins ts I will move the player and ask him if he wants to admit to cheating. If the player admits I will give him the correct length ban. If he doesn’t admit I will ask him to open an anydesk and send me the code. I will then procede to check the standard ss’ing formations (checking mods for oversized mods, checking versions for any cheats, checking binds). Then if I still do not find any cheat I will check for an autoclicker. If no autoclicker I will open process hacker and see if there is anything in his minecraft strings. I will search for vape, autoclickers, reach mods any cheat. If there is no cheats I will tell the player sorry for wasting your time your clean.(4) If someone comes into Teamspeak claiming they died to a hacker, I will ask for proof and if they don’t have any I will tell them I am sorry I cannot help you unless you have proof. If they do have proof I will ask for them to upload it and let me see it. If it is true and they died to a hacker I will revive them, give their inventory back, set their DTR to what it should be and ban the hacker. If the player is caught doing this to dupe sets and items I will tell a higher staff member (Like an admin) and try to get them banned for the necessary time for duping (normally a blacklist or perm ban).Additional InformationI play basketball during the winter for around an hour to 2 hours. And I have been playing faithful since map 7 so I am familiar with the way the server works and have been here for lots of the updates and changes to the server. Also I am familiar with how the ss’ing works and how you need to be Area-51 verified but I am familiar with mac and windows and know how to ss and find most clients/autoclickers/cheats on them. I know how to use ProcessHacker2, Luyten (Java Breakdown Application) and how to search files on a computer efficiently and effectively.