If people have to have support for a living

If anyone failed to work towards
accomplishing the idea or the goal ethically, it perhaps could be one of the
most significant causes of several unexpected losses to businesses. However, it
is also the responsibility of the management and the CEO’s to make sure that
all employees, consumers, and others are getting an equal respect. According to
Chron “Your financial management responsibilities affect all aspects of your
business. “This will assure that the company can take all its responsibilities
in discussion with all employees or shareholders because it is the ethical
element of every business that is in progress and be able to offer a better way
of representing the company through respecting one another.

However, most corporations don’t provide that
kind of respect even when the workers are doing a great job by paying them low
salaries to increase their profits. 
Therefore, it is unfair for a company to pay low wages as that is not
the correct way in the business industry. But nowadays many companies still pay
less than the minimum payments, because they know that those employees will
need the money for living. That makes it ethically not the right way for them
to do so, but people have to have support for a living and that those companies
make a lot of earning by paying low wages and saving more money on the other
side. But according to Money, Power and Wall Street video, companies changed their
values so they can shift to sell more products and can make more and more
money. Therefore, managers need to make sure how they handle themselves in the
business environment so they can value essential things when making their right

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Another critical element with business
finance loss is the increased cost of the product which this has led to many
firms producing cheap products that are low in quality without the customer
knows. So, it is not fair for customers to buy inferior products and thinking
that they are getting the best quality and service. Therefore, once the
customers become knowledgeable about it, then it will lose many consumers and
even suppliers because they will be losing their respect and their good
reputation at the same time. According to CIT Direct Capital, “The limiting
factor to the price point for any products or services from a small business is
almost always in the mind of the business owner.”. Therefore, this is
unethically right, and responsibility is placed on the top management of the
companies because it is immoral and dishonesty to issue low-quality products to
the market. Also, all unethical concerns are as a decision of inefficient
managing. However, many organizations still provide a poor quality of products,
but managers need to start to think about the customers first before making any
decisions.  But most of those ethical
dilemmas are connected by not meeting the business’s social responsibilities
such as low salaries to employees and making of inferior quality products to
increase their profits. These issues have led to a difficulty between the
organizations and stakeholders ending in mass actions that have made companies
lose a lot of money.

On the other hand, people assume that the
companies which they do business with are ethically determined and assure that
their works and choices meet the requirements for the consumers, business
partners, and suppliers too. Also, every company has to have the clarity of who
they are and who they want to be, and their purposes should be understood as
well. Also, another ethical responsibility in managing the business is to is to
have the honesty, trust or, fairness, and the respect as I mentioned above as
well. Particularly when it comes to managing the corporate finance because the
responsibility in investment is involved in building the confidence between the
company, its shareholders, and its customers. As well, businesses need to
manage their financial decisions based on some areas, and they are the funding
decisions, that includes the money structure of the firm, and dividend
decisions. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate the available internal and
external sources, and the impact that they might have on the money structure of
the business, which means that the dividend payments and earnings that are made
when selling a product are useful indications of stockholder assets. However,
assets need be maintained well so that when the company makes revenue and
profits so that the funds they saved must also be available to pay bankers or
creditors and so that the business can take up more chances for investment. But
according to Money, Power and Wall Street video John Fullerton a former banker
who says it all began when banks started trading for their gain and not for
their customers, and it was of the trading that shifted the culture. So that
company began to think about gaining more profits instead of thinking what to
provide for the customers only. They thought of increasing earnings, but on the
other hands, more businesses were started to change their strategy and make
decisions so that they create an ethical way of making more money as well as
gaining more consumers. Therefore, as mentioned in the video that based on the
company’s performance, for example, a Star Trader can make up to $5 to $10
million after ten years of working as a star performance. But what a polite
thing that in the video indicates that when the business managers asked about
their salaries or wages per year, and they mentioned that’s to respect for the
privacy of the employee and that this information should not be available to
the public. Therefore, this makes me go back to my point and compare how
well-known companies pay for its employees and how today’s local corporations
pay the minimum salary for their employees so they can make more earnings.                   

Therefore, we can go back to my first point
by saying that managing the business ethical can create a huge positive
difference and can make the company gain lots of earnings each year by
respecting the workers and to have the trust in others as well. For instance,
paying the right amount of salaries is one of the leading ethical ways to gain
the employees trust so the employee will be able to give more to the company to
help it grow stronger and to achieve more capital. And companies must take the
responsibilities of managing the business in a fair way and to provide each
employee and stakeholder their right when operating the market correctly.
However, for a company to make a massive shift to grow and keep on growing
faster and stronger, they need to make an also ethical finance decisions to
invest more and to become a global market business.