If On the other hand, the elders of today


            If the truth was told, no one really knows how these
social issues started and since no one knows who to started it, everyone blames
one another. The youth of today blame depression and anxiety on the harsh rules
that have been put by the elders of a society or home. If you would keep up
with social medias like twitter, you would see how every child born after 1994
has a problem with the way the elders handle the issues. On the other hand, the
elders of today like to blame gay marriage and religious freedom act on the
youth because they think the youth is just too open minded and always want to
be right and not take any advice from them. Most of the elders say that ‘the
problem with the youth is that they are just stubborn kids who think they know
better than the ones before them. They think that since they have better
clothes than the ones before them then they have more racks than the ones
before them.’  Where the statement
basically means that if the youth has better opportunities than the elders,
they then think they have more experience than the elders. I can’t debate
against that statement, but I believe that if everyone will stop looking for
someone to blame when an issue occurs, and do something about them then I
believe the world can become a better place for the next generation.

what are social issues? How are they important and why do we need to be aware
of them? To be direct, social issues are issues that affect every individual in
this world and since humans need to socialize with one another, if there are
social issues then they can’t live in harmony. There are so many social issues
that are in the public of the world of today, but the sad truth is that most
people in control don’t try to do anything about them. Even if they do try,
they are not effective and that’s killing a huge number of people. Social
issues like LGBT adoption rights, gay marriage, racism, depression, anxiety,
sexual abuse and religious freedom act are just examples from the major issues
in the world. These issues are the most common and contain the most votes against
them by research.

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Why social issues are a
problem and shouldn’t be ignored.

            There are many more subgenres that should be mentioned
because a huge number of people like them like, gangster rap, trap hop, and edm
pop. Although the disadvantage with them is that they are not able to achieve
to leave a message to the listeners compared to the other major genres. Instead
they just give theme that has to do with having fun and enjoying life, by going
to parties and abusing substances.


            This is a music genre that fuses vocal and
instrumental elements of hip hop with various forms of rock. It’s not a
subgenre but it is related to hip hop because of having big, lurching beats
that are occasionally overdubbed over scratching and beat box beats. This genre
was originated in the 1980s and has grown to inspire most rock and rap lovers
to listen to the new artists that touch this genre in their art.

Rap Rock


            This is a subgenre of trap music, but it also falls under
hip hop. It originated in the mid 2010s in the United states and is not
respected as much as any other genre. Many believe that the genre is a unique
genre of the society of artists of today, but it’s not because it was there in
the 1990s. Mumble rap consist of mumble rappers and the reason why they are
classified as mumble rappers is because the critiques say they lack lyricism.

Mumble Rap


            The term ‘trap’ was usually used to refer to places
where drug deals took place but in recent years it has incorporated with pop
and electronic dance music. The term itself came from Atlanta, Georgia. Trap
music a subgenre that only originated during the late 1990s/early 2000s from
Southern Hip Hop in the southern part of the United States. The typical themes
for trap music is street life, poverty, violence and harsh experiences that
artists have faced in their urban city surroundings. David Drake of Complex
once wrote that ‘the trap in the early 2000’s wasn’t a genre, it was a real place’,
showing that the term was later adopted to describe the ‘music made about that place.’

Trap music


            This is a subgenre of hip hop that challenges the
dominant cultural, political, philosophical, economic consensus, and social
issues. It’s not only known as ‘conscious hip hop’, but it’s also known as
‘socially conscious hip-hop’ or even ‘political hip hop’. These terms are
sometimes interchangeably but there are used to describe rap music with strong
political messages and themes. The most common themes for conscious hip hop are
usually religion, aversion to crime and violence, culture, the depictions of the
struggles of ordinary people and the economy. The most important fact about
conscious hip hop is that it often seeks to raise awareness of social issues,
leaving the listeners to form their own opinions.

Conscious Hip Hop


4.      Rap Rock

3.      Mumble Rap

2.      Trap Music

1.      Conscious Hip Hop

            RAP music can be subdivided into various subgenres,
fusions with other genres, and regional hip hop scenes. In some parts of the
world, rap music is called ‘Hip-Hop music’ and that proves that
it’s the same thing. The types of RAP are enormous, but I would gladly like to
point out the major ones of today’s generation.

            Something we should try to understand is that when we say
rap music we don’t only apply to one type of music. RAP music is just a term we
like to use when we hear or notice a certain type tune that falls under hip
hop. Just like how there many forms of English, or even many forms of food,
there is also many forms of RAP. RAP, which is short for rhythm and poetry, is
usually called hip hop because over time the superiors of the societies wanted
a more suitable term for it. They eventually decided to call rap as hip hop and
many youths got confused thinking there is a difference between them both but
there isn’t.


Types of RAP

In this essay I will further
discuss about the social issues of the world and how they are a major problem
of the world. Also, about how they can be related to rhythm and poetry and
teach the youth about the issues of today. I will also give out reasons why
social issues shouldn’t be ignored. In the part where I discuss about the types
of rap, I will base the information from years of listening to the art. Thus,
brings us to the origin of the topic question. Is rhythm and poetry an
effective way to educate the youth about the social issues in the world, or
it’s not effective and the belief that it can be effective is just an illusion.

Ever since the first RAP song was
made, the superior race at those times didn’t respect the fact that the African
American community would take rhythm and poetry to express their struggles as
the lowest race to the superior races’ eyes. Rappers like 2pac, Biggie and many
more used to fight against this fact and got themselves titled as ‘Young
Leaders’ because of this fact. Despite the appearances of violence,
nudity and drug abuse in their many forms of art, the rappers were still able
to express their struggles as well as make awareness about them. Positively,
the art form of RAP grew impressively, making a lot of youths from the 90s want
to take charge and express their lifestyles in today’s society. So, knowing
that fact, one may ask himself/herself if rap can teach the youth of today
about the social issues that humanity suffers from. Social issues like gender
equality, sexual abuse, domestic violence, LGBT rights and racism are all major
in this generation, many come from previous generations too. These social
issues affect many individuals and the fact that most of them are not talked
about as much as how they are affecting societies, kills to know that the youth
may not understand the importance of them and how they should be prevented.

also known as rhythm and poetry, is a musical form of vocal delivery that
incorporates ‘rhyme, rhythmic speech, and street vernacular’. It is performed
in a variety of ways but usually over a backbeat or musical accompaniment. This
form of music was made in the 1970s by some jockeys and urban African Americans
to make money as well as show their different type of lifestyles they have in a
creative way. RAP has been known to be not respected by the many societies
because most elders in those societies believe that RAP is not well mannered.
They usually classify it as ‘Hooligans Music’, where they even put racial stereotypes about how this type of
music only suits a certain race.



Is Rhythm and Poetry an effective way to educate the youth
about the social issues in the world?