”If enough money to afford academic subjects[O2] CS. As

academic standards are what students must learn, certain social-emotional
skills support how they learn.”(K. Brooke). Art and music are a good way to
help students express their feelings, ideas and develop their creativity. Also,
physical education has many benefits for students such as help students  O1  WF to regulate their weight and prevent
obesity. These
are some of non-academic classes and its benefits, however, some high schools
claim they do not have enough money to afford academic subjectsO2  CS. As a respond of the issues some people have
suggested; O3  frag they should cut non-academic classes to
use those funds to buy and pay materials for academic subjects. Schools
should not cut non-academic classes in order to use the funds to improve their
and life skills. Non-academic classes are an essential part of the of the
students’ education for two main reasons.  O4  CUS1 These sentences should be combined to make a more solid
thesis.  See the Tutoring: Resources Link
section for help on writing a clear thesis -http://library.hccs.edu/tutoring/Home


of all, non-academic classes help the students’ development in social and
emotional skills. Some researchers have demonstrated that
non-academic subjects have a good ”impact on social-emotional skills—such as
self-regulation, problem-solving, social awareness, and growth mindset—have on
academic outcomes and success in the workforce and in life”O5  O6  QA CUS1 (K.
Brooke). For
example, classes such a music and theater help the student express emotions and
feelingsO7  frag. Another good example is classes as
physical education which teach the student work in groups and socialize while
they play sports. This O8  WF classes
O9  CUS2 help students having a better behave  O10  WF by
understanding and respecting others opinions and decisions. Also, non-academic
classes ”allow children to develop individual strengths and learn life skills.
Specialist courses allow children to explore their God given talents and
promote self-confidence”(Academy of Notre Dame). A good way to discovered discover our
god given talent and life skills is through the art and gastronomy classes.
These classes allow students to develop
creativity and interest for learning new and fun tasks. Students can express their own ideas and
express themselves which is good becauseO11 
ˆ  helps them to build a better self-confidence. O12  CUS1

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non-academic classes are another helpful part that helps the student succeed in
life. O13  Rep In
order to succeed in life, it is important to develop life skills and improve
the learning of cognitive ability. A good way to improve cognitive ability is
by studying a second language. ”Research suggests that studying a second
language is essential to the learning process, creative inquiry and critical
thinking. Foreign language studies have proven to increase problem-solving
skills and overall cognitive development”(Richard J). The opportunity to learn
a second language will not only helps help to the
development of cognitive ability, omit comma and
place “but” before also O14  CUS3 also
will increases the chances for students to get a better job. Another benefit of
non-academic subjects is that help students to have a greater and better usage
of their time. ”Multiple studies have concluded that curricular and
extracurricular art studies and activities help keep high-risk dropout students
stay in school” (National School Boards Association). Third, non-academic
subjects such a health persuades and educate students to have a healthy body
and healthy mind. Non-academic classes are important to keep students
interested in school, improve cognitive ability that will help them succeed
better in their lives.


Most people might agree and claim to cut non-academic
classes because are unhelpful   for studentO15  awk; they They,
is vague suggest use that money to pay faculty or buy materials for
academic sub

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is a sentence fragment; it is not a complete thought. Join it to another idea
or add words to complete the thought. frag

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is a sentence fragment; it is not a complete thought. Join it to another idea or
add words to complete the thought. frag

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