Iceland 350,000 residents welcome around 1.6 million tourists every

Iceland was able to remarkably bounce
back from the 2008 financial crisis with the help of tourism growth in the
region. Since 2009, the growth in this sector has been rampant and explosive in
the country to the present ration where 350,000 residents welcome around 1.6
million tourists every year. Iceland is currently experiencing a problem and
that problem is over-tourism. This is a positive problem that brings with it
negative effects to countries considered as tourists’ destination locations.

The tourism destinations already have their own framework set up for handling
an accurate amount that will not tamper with its nature and features once
visited. An excessive flow of tourists tampers with nature and its ecology.

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With the framework not being able to accommodate many economically,
environmentally and socially, then this problem might not be underrated. In the
case of Iceland, tourists who visit the destination are more than twice the
number of residents. This means that the residents’ ecosystem and their
unhampered nature and resources no longer remain that way. This is a problem
that cannot be overlooked.

From a marketing perspective, the Iceland
Tourism Board should put initiatives forward that can help cub environmental
pollution by the immense number of tourists visiting Iceland. Tourists visit
the destination for the beauty and its natural resources. This is what mainly
attracts them. In that case of Iceland, however, this has brought with it a big
problem. Many of the destinations visited by bus tours today were once
unhampered with natural wonders that were enjoyed by the 350,000 population of
Iceland. Proper strategies like environmental awareness should be in place to
be able to preserve this wonderful nature. The board may benefit in the long
term if these actions were taken immediately.

Icelanders have identified three main
problems brought by over-tourism: a not-so-reliable transportation
infrastructure, concerns over environmental preservation, and social and
economic impacts on native Icelanders. First initiative that the government can
take is to collaborate with the tourism board to be able to preserve the
social-economical structure of the natives. Proper awareness campaigns and
involvements can help to solve this. Also, the lack of proper infrastructure is
all left to the government to handle. To deal with the growth rate of tourism
in the country, this is an inevitable strategy that the government has to work
on. This may be able to smoothen flow of tourists to and fro and around the
country in an easy manner. Taxes also introduced to the visitors might be an
excellent strategy to help build infrastructure along with the environmental
protection strategies.