Ian Boise police found 43 pounds of marijuana inside

Ian Ashby


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Local Current

Driver who struck,
killed young newlyweds on sidewalk charged with murder

police found 43 pounds of marijuana inside a bus somewhere in Boise Idaho. This
marijuana was found by the police on January 30th, 2018, inside a
bus near 13th street and Bannock street.

discovery was made after the police received a report of a possible narcotics violation
for a bus stopped for unscheduled maintenance in Boise. The police found over 2
dozen bags of marijuana equaling 43 pounds. It was hidden in the cargo area of
the bus in several vacuum sealed bags that have been tested positive for
marijuana. Officers have found the owner of the bags, Richard Berry, a 51-year-old
from New York.

effects the world because it shows all the bad stuff that can be going on right
around us even when nobody knows about it. This affects us because it gives awareness
of how dangerous and bad the world around us can be as many people walked
around by what would seem like a normal bus and never knew what was really going
on until police found the marijuana.

solution to this is that the man who was caught was taken into custody.
Hopefully this will help police be more observant and cautious so that they can
catch people like this more and be able to find people like this more often and




National Current

Hawaii false
missile alert ‘button pusher’ is fired

Hawaii Emergency Management Agency has fired the employee in charge of the
false ballistic missile alert earlier in the month. The man was fired on
January 30th, 2018 for the false ballistic missile alert.

man in charge of this ballistic missile alert has claimed he didn’t know it was
just a drill going on when he sent the alert and he thought it was real even
though five other employees in the same room heard people yelling drill during
the exercise. After the alert was sent the employee was confused and froze,
another employee had to talk over his responsibility to fix it. The employee “had
a history of confusing drill and real-world events” as has been fired for it. Another
employee has been suspended and another one resigned because of what happened.

effects the world because it caused mass panic in Hawaii and the man has deservingly
been fired. This also affects us because it shows how huge of mistakes can happen
and hopefully will warn us and others to be more careful before doing something
as important as something like this.

immediate solution to this is the person in charge getting fired. Another solution
in the future will be that drill like this will be made more clear and secure
to avoid things like this from happening again in the future.






Current Event

France Jogger
Death: Husband Admits Killing Alexia Daval

October 28th, 2017 Alexia Daval went missing and was found dead 2
days later, partly burnt and covered in branches in a forest in France. The husband
of the woman admitted to killing her yesterday.

husband has admitted to killing his wife but “he said it was an accident and he
is sorry.” Daval was last seen, before being found dead, by her husband before
going out for a morning run. She was found far form her usual running route and
an examination showed that she had been strangled. For month there was no
suspect for the case but now that the husband has admitted he will be charged with

effects the world because it shows the dangerous things that can happen, and
the horrible things bad people do. Hopefully people will start to be more aware
of what could happen and will be safer and be prepared and ready to stop
something like this from happening again.

immediate solution to this is that the man will be charged with murder and go
to prison for a long time. Hopefully another solution will be that people will
be more careful and prepared for things like this to avoid having things like
this happen again.