I your business or company can help them grow.


            I plan to improve my customer service skills by always
practicing a friendly attitude to those I help; listening and expressing
gratitude for the customer’s time and service. There are good customer service
skills that every employee must master, such as; clear communication skills,
patience, attentiveness, time management, knowledge of the product, persuasion
skills, tenacity and a willingness to learn. Without them you’ll suffer loss of
customers as the service you provide continues to let individuals down.


            Written and spoken communication play a vital key role
but spoken communication delivers a stronger impact upon customers. This is
because when at the front end; everything you do or say counts. It comes with
many benefits when you deliver good customer service. Good customer service
would include a positive and friendly attitude where the customer not only
feels welcomed but also satisfied with their visit. The benefits are consistent
customers, increase in customers and a positive gossip being spread about your
business or company. If one was to deliver bad customer service the
ramifications would be evident. One would have decreasing service with less
frequent customers and bad reviews.

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            My customer service is always friendly and quick. I enjoy
and always try to work to my best ability to help the customer. I always get
complemented on my customer service skills when working. I believe it is
important to spend time; get to know what the customer needs, what they want
and how your business or company can help them grow. Therefore, I believe the
ideal position would be front end; greeting the customer and making sure you’re
attentive to what they need. My customers in this position are the ones ready
to check out or may need help either looking or understanding a service. The
role that customer service plays in this position can either harm or help your
business or company. To have a good outcome; one must ensure the employee is
always courteous, attentive and patient with customers.


            I believe an individual’s customer service experience
should always be swift, friendly and helpful. I have had good and bad customer
service experiences. My first job was at a place where they had bad customer
service. I used to work at a Staples in Long Island, New York; with the title
of Professional Copy Center. Before applying to this job, every time I walked
into the store there always seemed to be unhappy employees and customers. I
never imagined myself working in a section that was so rude. Every time I went
to get something printed for a project or a simple essay for school at the
store, the employees never wanted to help or would ignore customers. They had
horrible customer service to the point where I stopped going to the store for
over a year.


            Customer Service is an important key to a successful
business or company. It is the quality of assistance or advice an individual
receives while trying to purchase or receive an item. The goal of any company
or business is to always supply the best and most enjoyable customer service experience
to their customers.



Service Essay



Week 1 Assignment

Prof. Dutton

CITA 202

January 2018

Tiye Gallimore