I was dazzled to see what stood before me.

 I was dazzled to see
what stood before me. I honestly, couldn’t get my eyes off the vintage looking,
yet a very huge mansion. I had been waiting for this moment since I was 9, to
live in a huge house, with a lot of rooms and gardens. Finally my dream was now
a reality. We recently purchased this old looking masterpiece last month with
the blood money we received from my father’s murderers. There was no way we
could’ve afforded such a huge house. Well, it was time let the bygones be bygones
and celebrate the future ahead of us. I was slightly concerned over the
notorious reputation of this mansion being haunted by an apparition of a small
boy. Rumor has it, he was killed by his own mother. These were all just made up
stories the manager had told us before purchasing it. He assured to us that no
harm shall surpass us as no ghostly substance dwells within the walls of the

I believed him, no one ever reported anything regarding this
house. If something was really up with it, something or the other must’ve
happened but nothing did. Putting all these odd thoughts outside the door
steps, I entered the house with a huge smile on my face. All of us sisters,
were passing ecstatic looks to one another. I suddenly felt this, chill, a
really peculiar breeze pass through me as I entered this small room. It was
situated beneath the stair case. It was small and smelt of something dead, a
rat perhaps. I don’t know why but I felt something rather unusual when I
unlocked the door. I had been through the other rooms too but never felt like
anything like this before.  I overlooked
this sense of  presence. Waking up to the
smell of fresh baked pancakes had me on my toes. As I was running down to the
kitchen I heard Melissa scream at the top of her voice. All of us ran towards
the garden to find Melissa hung upside down to the huge tree in the backyard.
We ran to get her down. Who did  that to
her? How did she get up there? A storm of questions clouded my mind.

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While, the rest of the house was trying to help little
Melissa down, I couldn’t help notice a boy, a small boy standing idly at one of
the corners. Sticking to the corner. Was he real or was I being delusional? I
couldn’t believe my eyes. I closed my eyes and opened them after reciting my
prayer. And, there we had it, it was gone. My mind was under a heavy influence.
I didn’t want to believe in those made up scary stories. It couldn’t have
happened. Melissa couldn’t speak up, she was under a trauma, we had called the
doctor over. Poor Melissa was scared as anything, shivers, trembles, cold
sweats, she was experiencing everything. As if she saw a ghost. Perhaps, she
did. Melissa needed time to get back to normal said the doctor. I had to keep
calm but this couldn’t be ignored. I had to find the truth.

With Melissa’s sudden shutdown, I couldn’t ask her anything.
But I couldn’t wait for her either. So, i decided to get some information
myself. I went to the Michaels residence down the street. They had been living
in the neighborhood since the past twenty six years. They ought to know those
tiny details that some overlook. So, with a fruit cake in my hands, I knocked
on their door.  An old lady opened the
door with a slight smile. She seemed like a nice lady. I greeted her and as
soon as I told her about me being her new next door neighbor up the street. I
clearly saw the smile fade away. Trying to curb the awkward moment I handed
over the fruit cake to her. She invited me inside and as I walked through the
long passageway I saw these symbols on the walls. “For safety from the devils
whisper” said the old lady.


She took me to a huge room with the fire place lit, the
warmth felt soothing to my trembling body. On a huge vintage looking chair sat
Mr. Michaels, the old lady introduced me to him and he too, when leant of my
residence looked away. I looked at them with questioning eyes as their reaction
was a bit too evident to look by. I sat on the chair beside him. I tried to
start a friendly conversation but I presume they had already figured out my
purpose of sitting in their drawing room. Mr. Michaels gave me a stern look,
leaned towards me and asked me to leave the house. I was taken aback by his
abrupt plead. I asked him why he would say that. He looked at the old lady and
then at the raging fire place. He confessed to the house being haunted by a
small boy. He was not just a small boy but he was said to be amazingly gifted.
Tomas, was his name, he said. Mr. Michaels narrated to me his poignant story.
Tomas, had special powers. He had the ability to heal people. Well, not heal
them like magic but in his presence people always used to find comfort. The
sick found health and the handicapped would start walking. It was as if he were
a saint. But, his mother, was not the happiest to see her son heal people. Was
it actually possible that a mother could resent her own child?

Tomas was never happy at home because his mother would
always try to lock him up or beat him . He was caged. So, he would run to Mr.
Michaels house to play and find comfort. Tomas never made friends because of
his mother’s ill reputation. He would mostly remain alone and didn’t go to
school either. He was a small boy with freckled cheeks and blue eyes.  The old lady with tears in her eyes showed me
a picture of little Tomas standing next to his mother. It was tragic how the
poor innocent child was silenced to death by his own mother. She drowned him to
death. Compelled him to stay under water while the kid struggled to free
himself of his brutal murderer mother. Rumor 
has it, that Tomas was never her biological son. Whereas, many believe
that something evil dwelled within Tomas. He did have healing abilities but
there was something rather eerie about his mere existence. Something really
satanic some put it.

Well, Mr. Michael ended his narration with a trembling voice;
he too, agreed that Tomas did have an odd presence. Was it the same presence I
had felt earlier? Was that Tomas? 

It came to me as no surprise when he told me that Tomas’s
room was beneath the staircase. Just the location, where I had witnessed the
same odd presence of which Mr. Michaels has been speaking of. My heart sank
instantly. There was no room for a grain of doubt now. It was him. It was
Tomas, who hanged Melissa on the tree. It was Tomas whom I had felt. Those late
night creeks and noises I have been ignoring. Those weren’t just delusions or
hallucinations. Those were real. Our house was haunted by a small boy, capable
of murder. This had to make Tomas a vengeful spirit added the old lady. She
warned me to get my family out of the house. Tomas attacked Melissa because she
was the closest to his age group. But this was not just it, I had to ask
Melissa if she had been feeling something strange, if she had seen Tomas

I bid the Michaels farewell and raced towards the haunted
dwelling. I gave a sigh and headed towards Melissa’s room. She lay under her
covers. I sat beside her, brushing my hair through her silky chocolate colored
hair. I whispered her name into her ears. She turned and embraced me. She
confessed she had seen a small boy too. Her description matched Tomas’s
appearance. Melissa told me that mother and the others didn’t believe her. But
I did. I looked at Melissa and demanded the truth. Melissa had been seeing
Tomas since the every first day we moved to this house. He had asked her to
keep it a secret or else he’ll harm us. Tomas was almost Melissa’s age fellow.
It made total sense how Tomas would be more inclined towards Melissa. They had
been playing secretly all along but Tomas wanted Melissa to be with forever.
There was only one way to do that, Melissa’s death was the  only way to make sure they can be friends

Melissa was threatened to her family’s destruction if didn’t
follow through Tomas’s commands. After all, he was a ghost capable of even the most
unimaginable dark hoodoo. He made her do things she told me, bad things. Mr.
Greg didn’t trip and broke his neck accidentally, it was all deliberate. Tomas
was not all clean as I thought he was. We had to leave before he made Melissa
kill herself. I approached momma and explained to her everything. It was rather
eerie how everyone in the family felt Tomas’s odd presence yet still, chose to
sideline it. So, after a lot of contemplation we decided to leave that every
night. As I was packing my luggage, the lights started to flicker and the doors
started to bang, even the windows were singing an evil song, which wasn’t
pleasant to the ears. My heart dropped. I ran towards my sisters but I couldn’t
even walk another step. The noise was unbearable. I crouched into my knees and
prostrated, with my hands covering my ears. I cinched my eyes but it wasn’t
working. I screamed on the top of my voice to stop. After a few minutes of this
continuous mini earthquake, it finally, came to a stop.

I gathered myself and breathing heavily I ran to see my
other family members. They too, like me were shaken. It was a sign that Tomas
didn’t want us to leave. Perhaps, this was a threat.  Why won’t he show himself, I constantly asked
myself? But we had to leave; we had to get to a safe place. I asked my mother
to leave with the rest of the girls in the morning. While, Melissa and will
stay back to get this over with it. At first she completely refused but after a
lot of negotiation we reached a consensus that they’ll leave early morning for
Aunt Cathie’s place.

I on the other hand ran to the Michaels mansion, I banged
the door harder than ever. I could hear my own heartbeat. The old lady opened
up and I ran to see Mr. Michaels, I ran towards the same room. I narrated to
him what had happened. I begged of help, some way to get rid of Tomas, so he
could set Melissa and us free. Mr. Michaels gave me the same stern look and
repeated his warning. He said that only one thing could put the fear of God
into Tomas and that was none other than his own mother. He feared his mother
the most, only she could put a leash to his dark side. He said the only way to
invite his mother over is to call her name out as loud as possible; ‘Merilyn’
was the magic name.

I raced back to the house and made sure that my family was
safely gotten out of the house. It was just me and Melissa now stuck with
Tomas. But tonight, was the night where it all ends. I locked all the doors and
windows. I went into Melissa’s room and gave her a smile. She knew what she had
to do. She called out to Tomas. There was pin drop silence first and then after
a few minutes Tomas appeared before us. He turned around to look at me and the
very next moment I was forced against the wall, with my head back and neck as
if strangled. I couldn’t breathe let alone speak. Melissa shouted in resentment
but I was an open threat to him. I tried to move and speak but it was as if my
body was shutting down and forced into the wall.

I had to call out his mother’s name I had to. I , with great
courage and mane uttered ‘Merilyn’. As soon as I said it, the windows and the
doors started shaking. The earth was as if dancing, unstatic. Tomas looked
around in astonishment. And his as he was distracted so was his power. I hit
the floor and without wasting another millisecond I screamed ‘Merilyn’
countless times. Tomas turned to me, as he was about to curb my mere existence
Merilyn’s fiery self,  came to life. She
stood behind Tomas and grabbed him from the back. The mother reprimanded him
and assured severe penalty. Tomas begged for mercy, pleaded before her. The
mother and the son disappeared right before our eyes, into ashes. i crawled
towards my sister and embraced her tightly, saying it’s over, again and again.