I Transgender bathrooms, it’s evident that Washington Post are

 I came across an article published earlier this year on washingtonpost.com, an an American daily newspaper, regarding Trump’s dismissal of Obama’s guidelines on Transgender bathrooms. And instead of properly addressing the conundrum and constructing meaningful solutions, this article concentrates on “Donald Trump being a bully, and his attack on transgender”. Anything that he does, the radical left finds fault. It’s no wonder that President Trump devotes so much time discrediting the press, when the press does so much to discredit itself! Not only does the media not understand conservatives, they attack them.

   They focus on criticising Trump so much that they barely touched on the actual issue and contributed no solutions. I used to obtain faith in the media to present fair assessments, but as prejudiced articles like this are constantly being published I have lost all faith. They have failed to challenge the democrats on their illegal activities, their voter fraud, the people murdered because of incompetence and in this case carelessly warranting Transvestites the allowance of bathroom selection. By supporting Obama and his guidelines on Transgender bathrooms, it’s evident that Washington Post are blatantly supporting career politicians President Trump go against and vice versa.This law can easily be abused! School kids are not that naive to accept the change in their bathrooms and the concept of transgenderism. Legislation is necessary to maintain privacy, protect what they claim to be an innate sense of modesty held by most cisgender children and people, prevent voyeurism, assault, molestation, and rape.    Transgender ideology is intervening into the lives of children and with the evident growing support of career politicians such as Obama and the left leaned biased media Washington Post. However, they’re manufacturing more problems than they are solving! If we really want to help people, we should remember: First, do no harm. It is not a choice and we need to stop enabling this so called “gender identity”.   “Psychology admits that prior to the widespread promotion of transition affirmation, 75 to 95 percent of pre-pubertal children who were distressed by their biological sex eventually outgrew that distress.” School is where children learn a lot of their behavior habits through the things they see, hear and are taught. Transgender acceptance and equality will encourage the mental disorder, where they somehow “feel like a female” or “feel like a male”. What they “feel like” is simply a mental delusion, as there is no such thing as “male brains” nor “female brains”, besides gender roles are a social construct. To indicate otherwise is sexist and kids will be deceived when they expect this to be okay.

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   It’s school, kids are bullied all the time. Cross sex restroom special “rights” won’t change anything. If a male student who “feels he is a female” uses a girls restroom, how does that make him less susceptible to bullying?Katelyn Burns, the trans woman essayist writer of this distorted article, made clear that all of the bullying against transgender children is coming from “conservatives”. Not just bullies being bullies without political affiliation. This has nothing to do with party affiliation, its all about basic human decency and equal treatment of all. Transgender bathroom policies will not even put a dent into prohibiting transgender bullying.  We have all these social justice warriors out their who think they know what’s best for our children but they don’t ; all they are doing is generating confusion in children’s lives. Children should be out playing and having fun not worrying about whether or not they were born the right gender, this is crazy and very damaging to our youth. They are undefined and without fully-developed personal awareness they definitely should not making these choices! This is social justice and liberalism going too far and completely ignoring the potential repercussions.   Social justice warriors emotionalism makes them incapable and sometimes unwilling to accept the truth. It is stupid! Lying to your self because you’re sad is idiotic. Liberals are masters of this as they are constantly basing their opinions and views on their emotions, not on logic or reason. They always try to make humanity conform to some “ideal” standard that often isn’t relevant to the situation that is at hand. None of their arguments have any substance. Everything they say and believe is based off their emotions. All of their hatred for the right is a hundred percent derived on pure indoctrination and not facts.I hail the Trump administration action.    If you have a penis then you should be using the men’s room. If you have a vagina then should be using the women’s room. As a male, I have a right to a vagina-free bathroom. If people feel uneasy using the bathroom that matches their genitals, then use a single occupancy bathroom. 

Problem. Solved. For everyone!