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I have always contemplated about computer science right since my middle school days. One question always bothered me – is the computing technology constrained by limitations of software or hardware? If so, how, and in what ways, these limitations can be overcome? This has motivated me to get into computers and how they function. It is then that I realized that I always wanted to be a Computer Science graduate; and specialize in the same in my Masters’ degree as well. Pursuit towards science and application of knowledge through database management through understanding events, objects, and attributes, and their chronicles, has always been an essential social order in every civilization. From times immemorial, analysts in every developing society have striven for upward spiral of knowledge and evolution in these endeavors. With the advent of computers, people have migrated from paper-based record keeping, and human-computing, to software driven data storage and retrieval owing to the simplicity in its digital form and digital calculations. From then on, computers have changed the way of engineering the knowledge and science. Over the last 50 years, a series of breakthroughs have resulted in rapid change in computing technology. The state-of-art of computer science now consists of the design and development of hardware and software, operating systems, and applications by employing mathematical algorithms and their coding. Mathematics and sciences have always been highly valued in India. Parents, educationists, and decision makers have always emphasized the importance of the above subjects for children right from elementary grade. My education in Brilliant Grammar High School has helped me create strong foundations in the above subjects, and which helped me secure a 87th percentile grade in my tenth standard; and 80th percentile grade in my Intermediate (XII standard) from Sri Chaitanya Junior College, Hyderabad, India. These achievements have helped me opt for Computer Science Engineering (CSE) in Baccalaureate studies in Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology (KMIT), Hyderabad, India. It is because of experienced faculty and well-structured curriculum here that I am in top 10 in my B.Tech class. My pursuit of M.Engg in CSE in University of Cincinnati will help me in finding answers to my childhood questions about limitations driving the computer science technology. I want to secure my M.Engg degree in CSE because this program of study not only involves the development, maintenance, and use of computer systems, software, and networks for the processing and distribution of data, but also involves application of these computer programs to solve computing problems as well. I am of the opinion that CS professionals are the main engineers who play a crucial role in visualizing the complete solutions to clients’ problems. In this regard, I have become familiar with C, Java, JSP, DBMS, and HTML programing during my B.Tech course work and projects.I take this opportunity to highlight my III-year mini project titled “Placement cell”. This is essentially a web-application designed for my Engineering College whose aim was to provide information for the College Administration regarding (i) which software companies are visiting the campus for recruitment, and when? (ii) list the students attending the recruitment interviews, (iii) details of the students who have been placed (recruited) successfully, and (iv) list the un-recruited students so that they can be redirected to other incoming software companies for their placement. Front-end consisted of traditional HTML page that enables the students to register their candidature for the placement process; administration for tracking the placement progress; and display the information in near real time. In this project, I designed the web-pages describing the user-interface operations in HTML; I used Java to develop the entire project; and employed MySQL to create and host the database. Most importantly, I used JSP (JavaServer Pages) security algorithm in back-end to protect the confidential data stored in this web application. I can proudly say that, my Project-in-Charge and reviewer applauded the compactness and efficiency of the programming in the project, recognizing its practical use in the educational institutions.I am confident that with my knowledge of fundamentals in my B.Tech program of study; with my diligence and zeal for the computer science subjects, I strongly believe that M.Engg degree earned from your esteemed University under guidance of the highly competent research oriented faculty, will lead me to a achieve my personal and professional goals. I aim to pursue my M.Engg of study in Computer Science in this highly sophisticated technical environment that the University of Cincinnati University offers. The distinguished faculty and excellent facilities at your university make its post-graduation program ideally suited to my professional goals. In this, my endeavor is to obtain M.Engg degree in your esteemed University, streamline my knowledge and computing skills so as to most useful to the computing industry in a pragmatic manner.