I the other hand, I’ve experienced the hustle of

I was born in Kolkata, brought up in U.P. and Delhi while pursued my bachelor’s degree in Goa. I grew up with strong insistence on respecting elders and learning my native language and culture. Since, north India is dominated by Hindi speakers and I was schooled in English medium, I am proficient in Hindi, English & Bengali. I have derived my unique experience as a result of staying in four different parts of India, immersing myself within diverse cultures and life style. I’m soothed by the tranquility and simple life style in my ancestral village while on the other hand, I’ve experienced the hustle of a brimming metropolis like New Delhi and Mumbai. Thus having experienced such enormous diversity, I can very well connect to people from different places with different socioeconomic conditions. It has taught me to be tolerant and respectful towards everybody in spite of differing opinion, beliefs and habits, thereby helping me to realize the essence of “Unity in Diversity”. Moreover, it has shaped and molded my personality and beliefs in inexplicable ways. Thus, in spite of being a Bengali I am a vegetarian which echoes my affinity to non-violence and compassion. I’m also inspired by the teachings of Bhagvad Gita, and was a part of a spiritual club where I served as secretary during my final year. I have faced difficulties in adapting to the curriculum & pedagogy initially during undergrads. But, by the grace of almighty and constant motivation from my friends and professors, I overcame the challenges. Through this experience, I have learned introspection, planning and perseverance among invaluable life lessons. Due to strong conviction of helping other individuals who might be facing similar challenges in the university, I volunteered for the peer-mentor program. I mentored three freshmen each during third & fourth year, guided them in academics and motivated them to undertake projects. If given an opportunity, it will be a pleasure to be a part of mentor group at NC State. NCSU is a top public research institution with a strong impetus towards sustainable development. ECE faculties and research centers are phenomenal in Power Electronics research. Some of the courses that I wish to pursue towards specialization are Advanced Power Electronics, PMIC, Electric Motor Drives, Analog Electronics, Nonlinear system analysis, E.V. Systems, Utility application of Power Electronics, Electronics Packaging, Advanced feedback control. Besides the core areas, I would also like to study Embedded system Design, Electromagnetics, System Control and RF Design to enrich my interdisciplinary skills. I am willing to pursue research in application areas like Electric vehicle, converter for grid and battery management. At NCSU, I will gain exposure to various breadth areas in ECE which will further shape my interests. At NC State, the culturally diverse student body fosters innovation and provides opportunity to students from underrepresented society to pursue higher education. Given a chance to be part of the WolfPack, I will do my best to uphold the diversity.