I The motive was to lower down villager’s expenditure

I would like talk about my experience as a Family Physician in Indian by providing healthcare services to patients in rural area.


A major section Indian population, live in rural areas. Their main occupation is primarily as farmers, farm workers, or agricultural suppliers. The rural population is more likely to be poorer, sicker, older and medically deprived and undeserved when compared to urban populations.

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Lack of proper healthcare access affects population health and well-being of patients in various communities. In more remote areas in India, patients have to travel a long distance for specific treatments. Sometimes, patients let go care from specialist due to the load of costs and long travel time. Addressing this problem, I proposed a Mobile Special Medical unit in certain villages.


At my tenure at Madhuram Multispecality Hospital, I proposed, initiated and implemented Rural Health Initiative – Mobile Special Medical Unit that were commenced to address rural health disparities. The goal of this initiative was to provide quality health care. Many un-served areas were covered through Mobile Medical Units.


I was also acting member of Mother and Child health Wings. The focus was to reduce maternal and child mortality. There were 50/30 bed capacity in the medical unit.


We also provided free drug and free diagnostic services to a population of 500 villagers. The motive was to lower down villager’s expenditure on health.


Along with this, I have also conducted Health Literacy Sessions, as this is particular concern in almost every rural community.