I takes place for the most part in the

I read The
Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer. This book
is about a brave young man who builds a windmill to supply electricity to his
community. I think this book is very inspirational because it shows that you
don’t have to be cramped up in a classroom, with a bunch of other kids to learn
something that can change the world.



& Time

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book takes place for the most part in the small town of Wimbe in Masitala, Malawi.
. Later, it moves to Arusha, Tanzania (where William continued his studies in
later years) .The book takes place from the early 1990’s to the mid 2000’s.


is a rural area. It has a dry and dusty climate and the village is made up of several
small houses. It is where the main character William lives. Every one of the
houses is one story and made up of mud bricks and have hay for roofs.




The main
character in The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is William Kamkwamba.
William was born on August 5, 1987. He is average height. He is a skinny and scrawny
young man with a big brain. He has short hair, dark brown eyes, a wide nose and
a big toothy smile.


is very independent, yet works quite well with others it proves itself in the
book. He for the most part built the windmill on his own, but needed help from
others. He had assistance from his friends Gilbert and Geoffrey, and his parents
gave him moral support too.





In the
beginning of the book William believes a lot in magic and sorcery and gets a bad
injury because of it. Along the book William becomes less and less gullible.
William relies less on magic for answers and more on his mind and wit.













The main
conflict begins when Malawi goes through a famine. The famine was mainly caused
by two thing. : #1 the Malawian government was very crooked at the time.
Because of that, most people didn’t have enough money to buy fertilizer for the
crops. #2 the soil already wasn’t very good because of the drought they were
having which added more trouble onto William and his family.




 The famine got so bad that it made William and
his sisters drop out of school. He struggled a lot because he likes school and
couldn’t go to a place to study. Later on his Elementary School opened a
library. So William went to the library to study which gave him the idea to
create a windmill.










The Main
Event in the book begins when William decides to build the windmill. He makes
his decision by studying in the library after he dropped out of school. He wanted
to make electricity for his entire town. So they could appreciate him more.



When he
first gets his idea the whole town thinks he is crazy, even his sisters.  Though others had their doubts William kept
working very hard until he achieved his goal. When he finished his creation he
got the recognition he deserved.


After he
built his windmill, not only did he get attention from his whole town, but he
also got attention from others too. Journalists and Reporters came to him from
all over the country just to see his magnificent invention. They always stared
in awe at his windmill which made William very glad about his accomplishment.







I feel that the authors made
this book to entertain and inform with the story of William’s life. I feel like
he made this book for people to enjoy the story of his life. They also made to
inform people of the happenings of William, and to tell you how William changed
his entire just by following his dreams.


This book definitely
persuaded me to stay focused on my dreams no matter what. To stay on track and
to do things the right way my whole life. It persuaded me to believe that it
doesn’t matter where I live, or how poor or rich I am . If I do the right thing
and stay focused on my dreams I can do anything.


 For me I would definitely recommend this book
for a friend. I would recommend this because I feel like you could learn a very
good lesson from it, about responsibility and determination. I feel like this
book had an excellent way of getting the moral out which I think is: If you
want to create a new thing go for it no matter what others say. This is an
extremely great book and I really hope we get more books like The Boy Who
Harnessed the Wind.