I recommend me for enrolling as a student at

I am confident that
my experiences so far demonstrates my motivation and hard work and perseverance
can recommend me for enrolling as a student at your university.

My educational
experiences have been of great use to me, from the moment I volunteered to be a
pupil support in Secondary School to helping other pupils that were being
bullied. Responsibilities such as these have helped me to mature and take any
role my positions seriously.

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clients have different needs, I learnt how to manage my time, my work load and
maintaining communication consistently. I learnt about the importance of team
work and also using my initiative when faced with challenges that had to be
resolved quickly. I was also given the responsibility to train a new employees
within 8 months which displays the high degree of trust my employers have for

During my
undergraduate studies I enjoyed a broad of subjects but mostly I enjoyed
contract law it gave me an insight on how individuals find themselves being
bound in a contractual agreement without being fully informed about the terms
and conditions. Since my undergraduate studies I wanted to gain some hands on
work experience within the cooperate sector. For the past year and nine months
I have been working for shipping company called Fenix Freight, as a freight
forwarder. My role involved negotiating contracts, investigating and planning
the best route for shipment, taking into account costs, nature of the goods,
cost and transit time. This strengthened my negotiating skills and understand
contract law. Advising clients and making sure they understand trade terms and
the risks involved, from when responsibility shifts from the seller to the
buyer and who pays the costs of freight and insurance.

While with
little experience I not am afraid to work hard and deal with reality. Life has
not been that easy having migrated from Zimbabwe and trying to integrate in a
society that holds bias opinions towards people of colour. In a tough way,
dealing with discrimination has given me great life experiences. I have learnt
to use these experiences as a guide to success this has given me hope and
determination to not settle for less and succeed in life. I will share my
experiences to help others better understand a different culture in solidarity.

Reassurance is
needed in our society today. I have always been determined to help and be the
voice of those affected by injustices on a daily basis. Although it took a
while to figure out my purpose but my main objective is become accomplished as
a lawyer. I want to fight for human rights, equal treatment and access to
knowledge for all.  I believe studying at
a higher institution will benefit me in achieving my goal. Law restores order
in our society and I have always appreciated how it protects vulnerable people.
I take pleasure in unravelling cases which raise social issues in today`s
society. Though they can be complicated I believe the greatest achievement is
justice. I enjoy extensive research, reading and analysing facts.