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I would like to focus this post from the two prisms of the game, that is, from the coach and of course from the player.As a coach we can analyze the different ways of understanding the game, as each one has its way of explaining games, analyzing their game model, analyzing their idea and even analyzing their players. In that wealth of seeing different things is the greatness of football, understanding that there are millions of possibilities and ways to get the most out of your idea.When we read the title of the entry, there are many concrete interpretations that we can think of, for example: playing well is having possession of the ball, being a protagonist and attacking to play well, however, we can also understand that playing well is having Possession of the ball in the right place, being useful and not taking risks. On the other hand, we can also think that playing well means being defensively strong and taking advantage of our chance without making mistakes; others will believe that the mixture of these two styles would be the ideal and an endless number of them.With these examples I want to understand that these ideas and much more are legal, none has the absolute truth, inevitably you adapt your way of playing based on your players, who will be the protagonists of the game. You will give them the tools, and they will execute them based on their talent and interpretation.As far as the football player is concerned, the players at the beginning of our career, that is, in our youth, we enjoy NOT playing well , we know this as playing for fun, to spend time with our friends, to look like that soccer player we see on television and which we idolize. That time, to personal opinion, is where we enjoy the game, not football because we do not compete against anyone but we share the game.Those people who continue to play football and begin to play begin to understand what is ” play well,” that is, they start to have personal tastes for this sport. We can influence our coaches in our way of understanding football and get to know what makes us really have fun, but on a personal level and as a reflection I think that the player starts to understand what is playing football well, when he adapts all their skills to a way of playing, that is, all their qualities and talent are exploited to the maximum exponent in the way of playing and within a collective.BASIC SOCCER RULESThe basic rules of this sport, consist of introducing with the foot or the head the ball in a goal, which is known as the goal . In the game, a total of 11 players participate in each of the two teams that face each other.The winning team is the one that at the end of the match gets a higher number of goals in favor. By regulation, a professional football match is composed of two times of 45 minutes each. The 11 players that make up a football team are divided into the following positions: the goalkeeper (since he occupies only one player), the defenders, the flyers and the forwards. However, some of these rules may vary depending on the type of football in question.BENEFITS OF SOCCERFootball, besides being an entertaining activity, is also a sport that offers many benefits. The first is that it is present everywhere, which makes it possible to practice at any time.It also stimulates the character and motivation of the person, acostumbrándola to work in groups,  to maintain the competitive spirit.Physically, soccer is an excellent way to lose calories and tone the muscles of the legs and abdominals. Similarly, recent studies have indicated that the practice of this sport gives us greater cardiovascular benefits than jogging on a daily basis. Those who practice this game always will have the advantage of being able to maintain regular control of their weight, as well as eliminate the accumulation of fat in the back and buttocks.It should be noted that the training of football has a professional level must be subject to a prior physical evaluation because it is a highly demanding sport.THE DRESS IN SOCCERAs in other sports, choosing a right outfit before a football training will be important so that the player can expose their physical capabilities to the maximum, without risking their health.Going from top to bottom, it should be noted that shirts (whether short sleeves or long sleeves ) should be loose and of light material, with the number of the player stamped on the back for easy recognition.The pants to use are short and are made of lightweight nylon or polyester. It is preferable that they are waterproof. As for the stockings, these should be high enough to cover the shin guards. The most recommended material is cotton, to prevent blisters.As for footwear, always known as chipmunks, which are characterized by having better stability on the grass and avoid injuries to the ankles. Protective implements, such as shin guards and suspenders, will also be necessary.COORDINATION EXERCISES IN SOCCERFootballers, both amateur and professional, know very well how essential coordination exercises are for soccer practice. Therefore, having an excellent personal soccer coach should develop a physical preparation stage in different ways.One of the most common is running with the arms extended horizontally, touching the heels with your hands. Also, the so-called jogging without arm movement is frequent, which consists of jogging by lifting the knees and interlacing the hands behind the back.There are exercises with jumps, such as the hood, where players jog while jumping with each movement. A slightly more complicated practice is the deltas, which involves moving the legs quickly around a rod, without touching it. Sometimes the rod is replaced by a soccer ball. Finally, we have the ” front pass,” whose purpose is for the player to run through the middle of aligned rings, without hitting them.BENEFITS OF FOOTBALL PRACTICEIts practice is not only an entertaining activity but also provides numerous health benefits at the psychological, cardiovascular and muscular levels. PSYCHOLOGICAL BENEFITS: •    Mental development: Each sports action that the player selects is correct or erroneous, provides the player with feedback that allows him to acquire a conscious experience. This experience will be the one that, at more advanced levels and in more complicated situations, will enable you to choose the technical-tactical actions appropriate to each specific case.•    Values in sports habits: The practice of football generates a series of values common to most sports such as The spirit of sacrifice and self-improvement, self-esteem, acceptance of challenges, self-efficacy, socialization, and ability to work as a team.OSTEO-MUSCULAR BENEFITS: •    Increase in muscle power.• Increases the speed of reaction as well as motor coordination at the energetic level in game•    Increase the level of bone density at the level of the femur and tibia.•    Improves the motor skills in which the legs are involved (jumping, running, etc.)•    Tones the muscles especially the lower body and abdominal area thanks to the increase in testosterone levels it generates.•    Improves muscle vascularization.•    Practicing football assiduously reduces the fat percentage and increases the body mass index.About Us:Soccer is one of the most practiced games in the entire world; Children, adults, and even seniors can play as long as they adapt to the demands and needs of each type of profile.