I particular situations. The Communication classes I have taken

I would like to
convey my desire to study at the University of San Francisco for 2018/19
academic year.  I will have completed my
undergraduate general education, as well as my Communications major core
requirements by June 2018. I’m looking forward to transferring to your
University in Fall 2018 to complete my bachelor’s degree in Communications. Communication
courses have improved all aspects of my life and my ability to interact with
others efficiently. The core foundations of Communication studies have enabled
me to become an active communicator that is better equipped for conflicts and
methods to resolve particular situations. The Communication classes I have
taken challenged my social skills and opened my eyes to the behavior of
individuals around, allowing me to communicate more efficiently with others, especially
with significant figures in my life, including family and close friends. When I’m
engaging in social interactions, I’m incredibly aware of how to be present in
conversations.  A Communications
degree is the ideal route to gaining experience in my career goals which
include Public Relations. The job field of public relations is continuously
evolving, and I hope to learn new means of communication in order to be further
equipped and ready to handle any circumstance. I want to acquire knowledge
about the profession and aim to earn an internship that will get my foot in the
door concerning my career ambitions. I feel your University has programs that
would be an excellent fit with my aspirations and the courses are relevant to
my professional goals. I also wish to enroll in a university that has an active
alumni organization and close-knit student body, as well as promising
opportunities for internships and community-oriented volunteer programs. I strive
to maintain a high GPA and exert an extensive amount of effort towards my
studies. The experiences I
have gone through have helped me grow immensely as a person and have shaped who
I am today. I recognize today that my past doesn’t define me and acknowledge how
much my goals and ambitions have changed positively. Before college, I didn’t
possess the confidence that I have gained throughout my journey at junior
college. I couldn’t comprehend that I was capable of excelling until I invested
time and effort into my education. One thing you will notice when reviewing my
Santa Barbara City College transcripts is that I had several withdrawals. Unfortunately,
I was too young and not mature enough to handle all the freedom and the
responsibility that comes with being on your own. I also dealt with severe
anxiety issues and depression which led me to make the difficult decision to move
back home and take time to focus on my well-being.  My second semester of junior college, I suddenly
found the drive deep within to pursue my goals. I let my anxiety and
disappointments hold me back for far too long; I decided I am in control of my
destiny. I have come to realize my attainment of maturity arose through a
challenging course of trials and tribulations. By excelling in my classes, I
have proven to myself that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. I hope to
continue to succeed at your University.