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                I read The wright brothers by russell ash with 88 pages.one interesting topic is How they built the plane and what they used to build the frame, for the plane they  used spruce wood and a camber design a camber design   is a slight arch that they used for the frame. The engine was made of lightweight aluminum so that it was not  heavy , and it was the first airplane that could  carry the weight of human. The struggles of trying to get it to stay in the air without coming down and the different material that they tried to get it to stay in the air without falling. Also how they built the engine with no schooling on engines or planes. I selected this book because I wanted to know more about planes and how they can fly without falling down. Also i always thought it was so weird how planes could stay in the air so i got that book to learn more about planes.                                         Another event that was interesting was when they first started trying to fly the plane because, there first flight was in the middle of nowhere in north carolina. There first flight was december 17, 1902 And after time when they started to get used to flying the kitty hawk they flew the plane around the statue of liberty. They named the plane the kitty hawk because that name originates from the native indian name for the area related to the hunting of geese as in ‘killy honker’. Also the first flight they did fly it was only for minutes and as time went on  it got to to hours. I found this chapter/event interesting because The wright brothers had no training or schooling flying a plane or building they just had a dream to make there childhood dream come true. Some compliments i would have for the author is he did a good job on giving detail and he gave evidence.                                 Two new facts that i learned reading this book is that they used spruce wood for the construction of the airplane. Another fact is that they had no knowledge on building airplane they did not even have a high school diploma it was just a childhood dream, because their parents gave them a toy and they wanted it to come to life. Yes i would recommend this book to people who are interested in planes. Another  interesting topic is the decade after they flew the first plane. The decade after they flew the plane the whole world was amazed of the technology. And the wright brothers helped world war one because they had planes or they called them aeroplane. A aeroplane had a machine gun mounted on the plane.