I of mine, for this creation of your creation,

I should like to begin by extending a thanks to my PhD advisors, Professor Jim Rehg and Professor Frank Dellaert. Jim has always encouraged my independent thought and has allowed me an amount of autonomy in my research many students can only dream of. I have come out of every meeting with Jim with a renewed source of enthusiasm and motivation. And to Professor Frank Dellaert, I owe a debt of gratitude for teaching me so much of multi-view geometry. The guidance of both these men has made this work possible, and they have been great mentors and role models. I’d like to especially thank them for their endless patience, to which I was often not entitled, but appreciated very much. And for their confidence in me, unwavering through many stumbles and falls, I am thankful. 

Let me also express my gratitude to the rest of my committee: Professor Vladlen Koltun, Professor Marc Pollefeys, and Professor James Hays. Thank you all for lending me your time and your ear as a part of my committee. I should also thank Vladlen in particular for his mentorship during an incredible internship at Intel Labs.

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My sincere thanks also goes to the many more friends and colleagues, too numerous to name in this brief interlude, whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with. 

Finally to my family: Mother, Brother, thank you. My work has separated us, physically. But never did you allow it to draw me from your hearts and your thoughts. Your love and support has been palpable throughout this endeavor, and has oft been the spur that urges me to persevere through the many obstacles one encounters in doing his PhD.

And the man to whom this thesis is dedicated, my father. Father, it pains me that you cannot share in the celebrations of this accomplishment. It was you who moulded my perspective of the world, who showed me the joy in building something of your own. In the lonely mornings that followed the many arduous, sleepless nights of the past six years, I thought of you most. May you endure through this work of mine, for this creation of your creation, is for you.